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Best tourist resorts for your stay at Murchison Falls National Park

  In the last part of the 19th century, the race for world geographical discoveries was in full swing and Africa was one of the undisputed protagonists. Explorers were trying to find the origins of great rivers, such as the Nile. And along those paths they discovered even more extraordinary mysteries. Two British explorers, Samuel [...]

Top 8 resorts for your stay at Fort Portal-Kibale Forest area

  Monkeys in Africa are almost everywhere, and it is always easy to come across these cute animals. But their absolute reign is the Kibale forest, in the national park of the same name. The park guarantees them protection, in fact in the Kibale forest there are over 13 different species of monkeys. They coexist [...]

Best resorts near Queen Elizabeth National Park

  There is a special place in Uganda where lions have learned to climb trees and thus totally dominate the territory. This place was one of the most loved by the young Queen Elizabeth 2 and was named after her in 1954 (previously it was called Kazinga National Park). The Queen Elizabeth National Park is [...]

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