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Best hotels for your stay at Mukono

  It is part of the three main urban centers of Uganda, in fact it is 24 km away from the capital Kampala, and 66 km from Entebbe, the town of the international airport. Mukono is both a town and a district, and it represents another interesting tourist route for the people who come to [...]

From Entebbe to Ssese Islands, best hotels for your stay

  There is a itinerary you can try, when you come as a tourist in Uganda. It starts from Entebbe and goes on to the nearby archipelago of the Ssese Islands. You shall take a boat or a ferry to get there, the journey takes 3 and a half hours on daily connections. This is [...]

Where to stay at Kampala

  Kampala is the capital of Uganda, in part overlooking Lake Victoria and with a very modern aspect. History only occupies a small space in the old town area, while the rest of the city – and tourist – life revolves around the lake’s beaches and port. Tourism of safari has brought a brand new [...]

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