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Uganda Food, barbecues and peanuts

  Uganda is a modern nation, though you won't say it at first sight. It has been open to new things for years, and especially as for food. Ugandan food is a nice mix of old cuisine and new fashion from abroad, from neighbour African Countries or from places overseas. If you ask what Ugandan [...]

What to eat in Zambia?

The corn flour's dough, maize, is the main dish of Zambian cuisine. It is one of the staples of the swahili food tradition, but changes as it assumes the influences of local gastronomies. So you will find it in Zambia as well, but under different shapes, uses, flavours and mixes. The local name for maize [...]

How to live the Ramadan period in Zanzibar

  Ramadan is the 9th month of the Islamic calendar and celebrates the time when the Koran was revealed to Mohammed. This month - which can last 29 to 31 days - must be glorified with sacrifices, like fasting. The people must not eat anything at all, during the day. They can only taste something [...]

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