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Eating caterpillars, a typical food in Zambia

  Have you ever eaten ... worms? They say they are not much different from some delicious sea food you find in the best western restaurants, but how many brave ones have really tried and saw if that was true? If you are a traveler - and a real one! - you know you must [...]

The Stone Town doors

  Stone Town is a very modern city. It was founded during the time of the sultanate of Oman (17th cenury) as a village of fishermen. It mixed both Persian and Arab cultures, plus the ancient traditions of the Bantu tribes who already lived there before the Shirazi age. As a real city, Stone Town [...]

Zanzibar, the shortest war in history

  The real, unique "blitzkrieg" in history? No, not the one in Israel which lasted 6 days. There is an even shorter one: the 44-minute war of Zanzibar. Also known as the "British-Zanzibaran war", this battle started and ended on August 27th, 1896. It was the time of the Sultanate of Zanzibar which had become [...]

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