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Visiting Arli, National Park since 1954

Arli - or Arly - National Park is one of the oldest natural reserves in Burkina Faso. It was established in 1954. A large wild land of 760 sq km stretching to the border with Benin on one side and with Singou Reserve on the other. The latter is a sort of completion of the [...]

Welcome to Burkina Faso

When you hear about Burkina Faso you mainly hear about poor people, starving populations, deserts, wild lands. No one would ever book a holiday to Burkina Faso. What for? But the beauty of Africa is untouched, even in one of the poorest places in the continent. And maybe you will find out that Burkina Faso [...]

Backpackers in Africa. Why, when, how.

  Independent, free, wild. Backpacking is the best way to travel, especially if you want to take your time in order to know a place. Backpackers in Africa are welcome, they are the most appropriate type of tourist for the territory. No one knows and loves traveling more than Africans themselves: the word "safari" means [...]

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