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Kampala capital city

 Kampala is a mountain place, though you will never say that! It is on a plateau at 1189 metres a.s.l. and a few kilometers away of the northern coasts of Lake Victoria. The lake is its main tourist at-traction. Kampala is a very young city, built in the 19th century around the British military fort [...]

Serengeti, park of wonders

  Two states share the territory of the Serengeti region. They are Kenya and - the largest part - Tanzania, in east Africa. Its 30.000 square km of dry lands, bush, savannah and woods welcome every year thousands of animals during their migration. In its territory opens the Olduvai Gorge that keeps important archaeological sites. [...]

Discovering Tarangire National Park

   The national territory of Tanzania is covered for 32% with National Parks and protected areas. So, no wonder if the best safaris in the world can be booked here. And precisely in the city of Arusha, north east of the Country. Not far from Arusha, about 100 km west, the Tarangire National Park will [...]

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