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Christmas in Africa, five countries where to celebrate

  Planning Christmas is always a hard job. You must make tradition, religion and entertainment match also by choosing the right place where to celebrate all. And you might have never imagined to plan your Christmas time in ... Africa! But you should, because today Africa is the best place where to be, in December. [...]

Africa, ten ideas for your 2021 holidays

If you are Covid vaccinated, if you are looking for a holiday far away from that home of your long "lockdowns", Africa is the place for you, in this 2021. The continent is coping better than expected with the pandemics situation, and there are many strict safety rules tourists must respect, when they arrive and [...]

Africa, the Covid 19 situation in summer 2021

  Africa has been facing the Covid 19 pandemics much better than any other continent in the world. It sounds weird, but the "Black Continent" had very few damages and victims since the world pandemics started. It is not true that we do not have serious reports, or that the African nations are hiding their [...]

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