Livingstone is the second city of Zambia, as for tourism, and a very interesting place. It is “the gate to Victoria Falls” since it rises only 10 km away from the stunning waterfalls, the most beautiful in Africa. Livingstone is a welcoming place, where visitors can enjoy historic tours, safari and of course trips to the falls. When you stay in Livingstone for a while you will have the chance to eat in local restaurants, and to taste some special – and unique – recipes. The best place where to do so, is Cafe Zambesi.

Cafe Zambesi is not the only restaurant where you can eat typical local food, but it is certainly one of the best in Livingstone. Especially if you want to taste “bush meat”. That is, the meat of wild animals.  Some people think it is too cruel to eat crocodile steak, antelope stew, or grilled wild goats … but you should remember that each nation has its own tradition and eating pork or chicken is not less “cruel”.

About Cafe Zambesi

You would not say Cafe Zambesi  is a trendy place. It is on Linvingstone’s main road, but it does not look so special in the outside. When you enter, though, you find yourself into a typical African world and you will be welcomed by nice music, kind people and special dishes. The name “cafe” does not say it all. The place is more a restaurant than a real cafe, and offers a wide choice of food: snacks, barbecues, even pizza sometimes!

But the place’s first food attraction is the bush meat. That is, recipes based on local wild animals, such as crocodile. Crocodile is the most famous dish of Cafe Zambesi. Tourists love to eat it, because the meat is tender and delicious. As for the flavour … you cannot describe it by words. Must try! If you love to taste African food, here you can also try caterpillars, antelope, grasshoppers. Caribbean food is also available, here. Those who prefer traditional food can enjoy roast beef, rice, vegetable soups. They serve great local beers. Cafe Zambesi has inner rooms, a nice courtyard with tables and sofas and, on the first floor, small rooms for short night stays.

wild animals are special food

In the surroundings of Cafe Zambesi

Set in the central part of Livingstone, Cafe Zambesi is the perfect stop during a local tour. Or when you come back from a safari. It is only 5 minutes away from the shops, the museums, the main monuments of Livingstone. A 12-minute drive, also by bus, will take you from the Cafe to the Victoria Falls’ site. In the surroundings of the restaurants there are many tour operators organizing local tours and safaris in the wild bush.

Having lunch or dinner at Cafe Zambesi can be a nice start of your African trip or the best way to end the experience. And the experience will never be really complete if you don’t taste the typical flavours. Crocodile steak is a must, so! So is antelope. And a nice glass of beer to celebrate it all.