Zanzibar’s street food, which is famous all over Africa and abroad too, can be included in the more famous swahili food. It has many things in common with Kenyan, Tanzanian and South African recipes, but has turned more “trendy” thanks to tourism. The idea of reaching the tourist wherever they are, made the typical local food become a real “street food” you can taste everywhere.

Fish is the main dish and one of the most appreciated street food of Zanzibar. Then chicken meat of the local kebabs. But you can also find fruit, samosas (a special dough made of potatoes, onions and other vegetables then fried ) and a particular flat bread here called Zanzibar Pizza. You might hear about Zanzibar street food also referred to as “Forohani Food” . In fact the best places where to eat is on the Forodhani Gardens Promenade.

Zanzibar Street Food, the local Pizza

Forget the Italian name, because this “pizza” has nothing to share with the Italian recipe. It is called like that in order to let tourists understand what they are going to see in their dish! A flat baked dough, which can also include tomato sauce and cheese, but it is usually closed. And enriched with local flavours. You might taste spices, sour cream, mayonnaise, minced meat and some tropical fruit sometimes, in it. You do not have to eat this pizza they way it is, though you might also like it. It is much better dipped in sauces, with chili or vegetables. It reminds a lot of some Arabian flat breads, which underlines the middle-eastern heritage of the island.

photo by TCG

Zanzibar Street Food, not to miss

Besides the “pizza” , which is a MUST of your food tour in Zanzibar, you shall also taste other typical “Forodhani Gardens” recipes. Try the famous kebab, very similar to the Arab and Turkish ones. Also try the Samosa, fried vegetable dough, or the fish kebab. The roasted fish is also included in the local street food: they put it in a paper foil and you can keep on walking as you eat.

A very special and delicious street food in Zanzibar is the salad including lobsters and octopus. You can eat it with pieces of flat bread, even with parts of the local pizza as well! And if you are wondering about what to drink … try the unique sugar cane juice! You must taste it before judging!

Where to eat

Forodhani Gardens and the promenade are the most important street food market place. You can have your food as you walk along the beach in the sunset. But in Zanzibar is easy to find street food sellers in every corner, street or square. And of course, on the beach too. You will also find these recipes in the hotels, restaurants and tourist villages, but they will never give you the same experience as … eat-and-walking. If you have the possibility, try Zanzibar street food when you go on a boat trip. Make your experience special!

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eat street food on the promenade