In 1950, Kenya decided to stop the wild hunting in some of its regions and founded many protected areas, especially in the territories of some historical tribes. Aberdare National Park was founded in that very year. It covers an area of 765.7 sq km, 180 km north of Nairobi including three counties. The Park’s territory consists of the Aberdare Range peaks, for most part, and of many rain forests. In its territory there is also the beautiful Mount Oldoinyo Lesatima, the highest of the region – almost 4000 m. above sea level.
A safari in Aberdare National Park allows you to admire the typical mountain fauna of Africa plus the famous wildlife every tourist expects to see in this continent. A special and varied experience.

When to go safari at Aberdare

The climate in Aberdare region is wet and foggy. Rains are continuous and only a few specific weeks are completely dry. Ask your tour operator or your local guide for the best time in year when to organize your trip. In general, the “dry months” are August and Semptember, late December, January and February. Though the days will be sunny and “very African” in those periods, temperatures will not be too hot. So that is the perfect time for a trip in these mountain forests.
abrdare 1
entrance of the Park

What to see at Aberdare

A safari in Aberdare region, exploring Aberdare National Park, means to admire the most beautiful African animals in their habitat. This is the land of many lions, leopards, elephants, buffalos, East African wild dogs, monkeys, baboons. You will certainly meet the golden cat, the giant hog, the fishing eagles and the Aberdare cisticola, which is very rare to see. Among the plants, you will admire evergreen trees that remind of the Alpine woods, but much larger over here. Helychrisum and heathers, in particular,  have gigantic dimensions, here. Worth to see! Do not miss the chance to admire some of the many stunning waterfalls of the Park.
Tourists have the chance to stay and even sleep inside the National Park. Different lodges are ready to welcome them, at any time of day and night. You can go safari along many routes, you can enjoy night safaris and water safaris, too. Some of the lodges are built on stilts, so you will admire water animals and birds … from your room’s window! Many people book their stay at the romantic Treetop Lodge, where huts are built on big secular trees. Queen Elizabeth II – only a young princess, back then – had a vacation over here, when she was announced of her father’s death and her future coronation as a queen.

How to get there

Your reference airport will be Nairobi Airport. From the kenyan capital city, in fact, it only takes a 2-hour drive to get to the National Park. Drive along A2 motorway from Nairobi to Thika and Nyeri. Then from Nyeri follow the Nyahururu Road and the indications to Aberdare. There are 8 gates to enter the National Park: Treetop is the most commonly used. There are also bus services connecting Nairobi with Aberdare region.
aberdare 2
wildlife in Aberdare