The hot weather was suffocating us, when we saw a nice place in a small square. Café Africano was the name that attracted us in that common day in Zanzibar. As everything begin, we were walking meaningless in the hot narrow streets of Stone Town without any destination.

The Café Africano is a nice quiet place located in Hurumzi Street, in the only one city of Zanzibar, Stone Town.

The place is very quiet, perfect for a relaxing break in the chaotic narrow streets of Stone Town. The activity is well developed and offer nice breakfast, substantial lunch and romantic dinner. The coffee is a very nice blend, that will make you feel all the taste of Africa; the perfect choice to finish your meal. Fresh fruit and fresh made fruit juice will refresh your hot day in Zanzibar, and fresh fish dishes will be the best company for your lunch and dinner.

Beautiful details will make your eyes stunning all around you, and if you’ll be lucky to meet the owner, Mr. Abdul, he will entertain you with his youth zanzibari stories. Actually he lives in England, where he spent the most of his latest 20 years and he learnt new skills to bring back in his home nation with the dream to contribute at its development, but is not rare to meet him walking between the tables, asking for a feedback to you.

Café Africano is a parallel project of Ztasi Tours and Travel company, a zanzibari company that offers tours, excursions and safari in Zanzibar archipelago and Tanzania.

We advice you to try this location to have a good chilling time and relax.


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