Zambia – The Gem of Africa


is considered the ‘real unexplored gem of Africa’, a set of contrasting natural wonders, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, immense national parks teeming with life, a country still wild that has kept its beauty intact, where tourism has entered with discretion and where culture and local traditions are alive and the people friendly and smiling.
A recommended destination for those who want to live a real African experience.
zambia victoria falls

Information and Travel tips

Lake Manyara National Park

  An unusual, special and exciting safari will take you to this African wonder, Lake Maynara, Tanzania. It is named after a plant, emanyara, which is very common in this region. Maasai people use it as a fence for their camps. Lake Manyara is not a big lake. Only 50 km long, 16 km wide, […]

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