Select the solution that better suits your needs, become a member of Heart of Africa Expedition, and start to promote your Company!

Increase the bookings for your hotel and get more customers for your safaris, excursions and activities!

We developed three kind of memberships that have been studied to accompany your business growth.

Lion Member
$ 25

per 365 days

  • Free registration
  • Personal Dashboard
  • Personal marketplace
  • 7% of commissions on your Sales
  • 7 uploads of products in your marketplace
Leopard Member
$ 250

per 365 days

  • Personal Dashboard
  • Personal marketplace
  • No commissions on your Sales
  • 50 uploads of products in your marketplace
  • Products can be set as Featured
Crocodile Member
$ 1

per 1 day

  • Personal Dashboard
  • Personal marketplace
  • 7 uploads of products in your marketplace
  • Pay 1$ only when you log in your dashboard
  • No commission on your sales

Frequently asked questions

What the memberships are?
The concept of memberships has been developed to see the platform as a community, where partners can directly be part of the international promotion of Tourism in Africa. Memberships are also the way to sustain and finance the project. This system allow Heart of Africa Expedition to keep commissions and fees lower.
How can i pay?
We actually offer 3 option of payment: bank transfer, PayPal or Credit Card. We’re working to increase the services and new providers will be soon available.
Where can I get a user manual of the platform?
You can request it by email at writing in mail object: User manual.
Where is my marketplace?
To find your Marketplace, you can simply type in the search bar of your browser the following address[partner name].
How customers pay me?
Customers can pay: - By PayPal; - By Credit Card on Stripe Gateway; - By bank transfer.
How do I get Inquiries and Reservations?
Customers will contact you directly, send enquires and bookings directly to you through your marketplace[partner name]. Also show your products to users that visit the website, increasing your visibility and marketing. For bookings and inquiries, you’ll receive a message in your dashboard, and an alert message will be sent to the email address registered.
What happen if I don’t pay my membership?
When you interrupt the membership payments, your account will be maintained active up to 90 days but users will not be able to see your products, send enquires and buy. If after 90 days, the member status is not up to date, your account will be deleted.
How do I withdraw my payments?
For PayPal and Bank transfers, the payments will be directly transferred to your accounts. For the payments with credit card, they will be received by Stripe. You can connect your stripe account to your bank account for withdrawl.
How I can upgrade my membership?
Whenever you want you can update your membership, purchasing an upgrade package. In the left menu of your dashboard there is a button UPGRADE. You’ll be redirected in the page.
How I can get assistance?
Write an email to with the object: Assistance, and describe your problem. In 24h our team will be back to you.
I purchased the Membership but My account is not upgraded yet.
Once you purchase the membership, your status will be updated in 24h. If you need a faster approval, please send an email to with the Object: Membership purchased, reporting your username and email address. The first operator available will check and unlock the upgrade.