Can I change the data provided during the registration in a second time?
You can upgrade your data many times you want.
Which kind of pictures I have to upload?
We recommend that you upload photos of the different environments for the accommodation, and different tour, event, or excursion pictures, to make the customer fall in love with your offers. Guests love to browse photos while looking for the booking. We recommend that you upload photos that can provide to give a 360 degree vision of your company and your offers, to not create fake expectations to the customers. You can also use a simple smartphone. This way, your guests will already have a satisfactory idea of your company's surroundings.
When my company will be on-line?
Once you have completed the registration and review process of your information, we will send you an email with instructions on how to put your company online at Heartofafricaexpedition.com.
What do I get in exchange for the subscription fee?
A strong on-line presence Heartofafricaexpedition.com actively invests in marketing so that your company is more easily identifiable through search engines, so that it can be seen by as many potential guests as possible around the world. Additional services On Heartofafricaexpedition.com you can find a wide range of ancillary services to make your customers' experience as comfortable as they have never tried before: rental of vehicles, tourist guides, etc. ... Verified Reviews A dedicated team checks guests' reviews to make sure they are authentic. This adds credibility to your page and helps future travellers decide to choose your company. 24/24H Support Our support team is always available for you and your guests.
What is the expected fee for each reservation?
On Heartofafricaexpedition.com there is no fee for reservations at your company. We believe in a market where everybody must earn directly from his efforts, so, we’ll not are going to charge you any fees about direct reservations to your company. It’s your company, you have to earn from it.
Do I have to confirm every reservation?
When a customer makes a reservation, you will need to follow the standard procedure of your company. We are developing new cooperation’s, to improve tools, to make payments in Africa easier from around the world. In early future, everything will be automatically updated.
What happens in case of cancellation by the guest?
Cancellations are subject to the consequences expected by your company.
How can guests pay for reservations?
Guests will pay the amount of the reservation directly to you, online, or on arrival, as you expected. We recommend you to use paypal account, if you have, or to contact us if you want to provide a different advanced way payment option.
What about a “No show”?
If you didn’t provide for an advanced way payment option, and your company set up a penalty, we will not be able to help you. We advice to get always a deposit fees, or the entire amount before to customers arrival. We recommend you to use paypal account, if you have, or to contact us if you want to provide a different advanced way payment option.
What happens if a guest causes damage to the property?
Company owners may require guests to pay a security deposit which may be used to cover potential damage and to ensure that the property is treated with respect.