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Click on Sign Up and then choose the type of user you want to become and enter the required data.


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Add your services, your tours and your activities from the user control panel once registered.


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Once you have entered all your services, you will be ready to receive reservations from users of the site.

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How will I receive my payment?

You will be able to receive payments directly within the control panel once a user has made a payment.

How do I update or extend my availabilities?

For all the settings related to your account and your services you must use the administration panel.


Our platform is develop for give the right instruments and the right stair to facilitate the african locl companies to grow up step by step. Download at this link our Membership Program to choose the best solution for you.


How do I upload products?

To load the products just go inside the control panel and look for the item corresponding to the loading of the products.

How do i sign up on the site?

To register on the site, simply click on the Register Now button and then enter your information, also selecting the type of user between partner or normal user.