Heart of Africa S.r.l.

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The Project Heart of Africa Expedition

Heart of Africa Expedition

Is a new concept of e-commerce, where you can directly customize your experience in Africa, or, you can choose by our packages, built to transmit you the feelings that this mysterious and never-ending land can give.
Our focus is to providing back to yourself, you the opportunity to experience Africa, where you can get back to nature. 
All our safaris, trekking or beach holidays are uniquely designed to accommodate your specific needs and desires.

Heart of Africa

Refers to our love for the African continent, a place where you can discover yourself, and come back in school time, learning life, like a child.

It is also a referral to the Joseph Conrad’s novel “Heart of Darkness”.


Because we don’t consider your holidays in Africa, just an holiday. Our partners are all African certified companies, that will allow you to enjoy the best experience you could

ever have. From underground caves, to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Added Value

With our local partners, we can offer unique and authentic experiences, far away from the tourist routes.

We want to provide the highest standards for a fair price to our guests and deliver the best experience in every country of the Continent.

The Team Behind Heart OF Africa Expedition

Stefano Marra


Marco Martini


Nadia Calosi

Sales Manager For Italy