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South Africa, penguins and rare birds

South Africa is among the best regions in the world for birdwatching. Together with Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya, it is one of the favourite birding tourism places and it really has some incredible species of volatiles. There are some very rare ones, you might never spot. There are proud birds of prey, shy sparrows, endemic [...]

Storks and cranes at Uganda birdwatching safaris

They can be funny or elegant, for sure they are a show to admire. Storks and cranes are the main attractions of birdwatching safaris in Uganda, and they are not the only ones. This nation includes over 1.000 species of birds, 150 of which can be considered endemic. This is one of the most interesting [...]

Birds of Tanzania, land of eagles and flamingos

  Birdwatching in Tanzania? No better place in the world. Tanzania is home to over 1000 species of wild birds, and  29 of them are endemic, which means you can only meet them here. This nation is famous in the world for its National Parks, such as Kilimanjaro, Tarangire, Serengeti, Arusha and many others. You [...]

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