Tanzania is at the heart of any African adventure imaginable. Its territory is very rich in reserves and national parks, which means that the most beautiful animals in Africa live right here. And free. This is the country of safaris, night expeditions, trips through spectacular forests, this is the country that is also home to the great volcano Kilimanjaro – which alone includes at least five different itineraries! Adventure, in Tanzania, does not only mean getting close to lions and elephants but also discovering the cities, the people, the local food. And some historical places that tell a whole world. Here are ten ideas for you.

Great animal migrations, climber lions and a volcano

KILIMANJARO: climbing the highest mountain in Africa

Formed by three volcanic cones that have overlapped over time and today emerge with as many craters, Kilimanjaro exceeds 5000 meters in height and is in fact the highest mountain in Africa. People don’t come here for safaris, but to make real climbs that have nothing to envy to the Alps or the Himalayas. Five itineraries allow you to reach the top by more or less winding roads. All itineraries are recommended for well-trained and mountain-familiar people.

SERENGETI: follow the great migrations

The most important wildlife park in Africa after the Masai Mara is the ideal place to closely follow the great migrations. Elephants, wildebeests, gazelles, zebras but also the big felines behind them move across an immense territory in search of grass and water. Classic safaris are just these, and here the adventure lies in following the great groups of animals on the run by jeep, almost at the same speed.

SELOUS: by boat a stone’s throw from the giraffes

In this reserve, in addition to being able to admire some of the most beautiful animals, you can go on boat safaris that will take you a few meters from the majestic giraffes. Admiring them up close while they drink or graze on the banks of the rivers is an experience that certainly leaves its mark.

LAKE MANYARA: the “climber” lions

This lake which has become a national park protects the most beautiful African fauna. Lions are part of this population and are the main attraction because… they can climb trees. All felines can do this, but lions don’t often climb the highest branches. Those of the Lake Maynara park, on the other hand, are among the most skilled at this. That’s why safaris here should be done together with expert guides, following their advice and avoiding venturing alone.

NGORONGORO RESERVE: between rhinos and leopards

The black rhinos and the leopards are some of the most fascinating animals in Africa. Here, around the large crater lake of Ngorongoro is their perfect kingdom. Above all, following the very fast leopards is a challenge full of emotions, especially for those who want to capture them with a photo.

kilimanjaroAdventure in the city and … underwater

DAR ES SALAAM: the metropolis

An adventure in the city? It seems impossible but you can do this too, in Tanzania. The largest city, the metropolis Dar es Salaam is a place full of contrasts. You shall go from refined, beautiful and elegant neighborhoods to almost wild areas, at risk of crime. Exploring it by day is a different adventure from a safari, but equally exciting. Avoid getting lost in its streets at night, though!

DODOMA: the capital

The capital of Tanzania seems like an anonymous and quiet town, but it is instead the starting point of many excursions. It is in fact located on the road that connects the large parks to the rest of the country and is an excellent base for experiencing dozens of unique adventures from here.

ZANZIBAR: the splendid submerged Africa

Zanzibar is an archipelago off the coast of Tanzania, formed by the largest island (which gives its name to all) and smaller islets. Zanzibar is not only the oldest reality in the country, rich in history, museums and archaeological finds but is also a paradise on earth. Dream beaches, dense forests, clear sea that covers spectacular seabed. In Zanzibar you can go both on excursions in nature and dive to discover the submerged wonders of a certainly “different” Africa.

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THE MASAI: knowing a great people

Meeting a Masai warrior today is no longer an “life-threatening” adventure. But the beauty of these men and women and their pride invites you to get to know them better. Many safaris will take you to visit their villages and talk to them. Live this experience as an adventure of the mind, a way to enrich yourself with special traditions (but also unique food).

LAKE VICTORIA: safari on the “inland sea”

The “inland sea” of Africa is this lake, huge and divided between Tanzania and Uganda. The adventure, along its banks, could be to observe the typically African fauna in a different habitat. But it is also possible to go on water safaris to discover the smaller islands that dot it, home to interesting birds and other animals that cannot be found elsewhere.

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