Descending towards the south of the main island of Zanzibar, beyond the large bay of Chwaka, you come across a spectacular and very long coastline. Ten kilometers of white sand, palm trees in the wind, turquoise waves form the coast on which the villages of Bwejuu, Paje and Jambiani stand. If at first glance the landscape does not seem to change much compared to the north of the island, you have to look for the details to discover the magic of these places.

Paje, the most famous beach

Even though it’s halfway between Bwejuu and Jambiani, starting with the description of Paje feels like a must. It is in fact the most famous beach of the three, one of the most loved. Here you can kite-surf, that is jump into the waves with a board and a parachute dragged by the wind. And you can settle almost anywhere without too many rules. The beach is very large, strewn with long seaweed which is an asset here (and you can often see the local women collecting it). The resorts are well equipped and above all very cheap, within everyone’s economic possibility. No wonder so many tourists prefer to stop here.

Bwejuu the wildest

Located at the beginning of the coastal sandstrip, the fishing village of Bwejuu almost seems to live in a dimension of its own. Almost totally hidden by a thick forest of palm trees, even its stretch of beach appears wild and primitive. This is the ideal location for anyone looking for the perfect tropical vacation. There is no shortage of hotels and restaurants, just outside the woods, which somewhat break the magic of the “primitive” but are very pleasing to tourists. Let’s say that … one comes to Bwejuu to “imagine” wild Africa while being pampered in the Western way!

paje bweju jambani 2
Jambiani and underwater life

Jambiani is the largest village but also the least “glam”. Great tourism has arrived here too but life is less frenetic and much more in an “African style”. Those who come to enjoy the beach of Jambiani must expect little and, instead, have a lot of patience while the inhabitants lead their lives of fishing and diving. The seabed in front of Jambiani offers beautiful algae but also sponges. Sponges have always been farmed here by long time tradition. You come here to become part of the slow pace of Zanzibar… just people among people.

How to get there, where to stay

Reaching the southeast coast from Stone Town airport involves a journey of about 70 km. You can get there by taxi or by the nice small van-buses that connect Zanzibar airport to its most famous places. You arrive, unforeseen troubles permitting, in an hour-and-a-half drive.

For accommodation, just search on any Internet engine and have a wide choice. The most reliable resorts are: Mahali, Jaribu Beach Hotel, Summer Beach Resort (Paje); Imara Hotel, The Nest Boutique (Bwejuu); Reef&Beach resort with spa, Zen Boutique, Savera Houses, Casa Paradis (Jambiani).

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