There is a very popular area, in the already very popular tourist destination of the island of Zanzibar: it is the Pwani-Pongwe Coast. As the name suggests, it is a coastline located on the north-eastern side of Zanzibar, between the two famous seaside resorts of Pwani and Pongwe. Within this portion of the territory there are natural wonders that attract new entrepreneurs and new resorts. Among these is Kiwengwa village and its beach.

Kiwengwa, the immense white expanse

Kiwengwa beach stretches for 5 km and is made up of very fine grains of white sand that make it look like an expanse of snow! Walking on these soft white dunes is a pleasure that many tourists, especially Europeans, want to experience every year.
Next to the white beach there is a dense vegetation of palm trees and tropical plants, while under the surface of the water the seabed offers some of the most beautiful adventures for diving enthusiasts. In this already paradisiacal context, the resorts blend in skilfully with their huts. The palm or thatched roofs, designed in colours that do not break the surrounding natural balance, are perfect for the place.

kiwengwa 2Things to do in Kiwengwa

Kiwengwa is booked by those tourists who love a less adventurous and more scenic Africa. Here the most beautiful colours appear at dawn. So, if you choose this place, avoid getting up too late in the morning. Also because early morning walks on the beach will allow you to admire the local fauna not yet disturbed by humans. But you might also meet some interesting people, like local fishermen. You can of course swim in the beautiful sea of Kiwengwa, but also take advantage of diving to go and enjoy the coral reef off the coast. Beware, however, of the tides that often occur here. Always listen to the advice of guides or locals.

How to get there and where to stay in Kiwengwa

Kiwengwa beach is just an hour away from Zanzibar airport in Stone Town. With a rental car or with a driver-guide you can easily get there by car. You could also base yourself in Pwani or Pongwe, both a 15-minute drive from Kiwengwa.

There is no shortage of resorts equipped with every service in the surroundings and on the beach of Kiwengwa. These are both luxury reception facilities, designed specifically for foreign tourists, and facilities with a more local look and style. This is if you like to adapt and merge with the reality of the village, and not only live on the sun and the sea experience.

The locals also organize numerous excursions along the coast or in the immediate hinterland, starting from the resorts themselves, with the possibility of having expert guides who will follow you step by step.

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