In the last part of the 19th century, the race for world geographical discoveries was in full swing and Africa was one of the undisputed protagonists. Explorers were trying to find the origins of great rivers, such as the Nile. And along those paths they discovered even more extraordinary mysteries. Two British explorers, Samuel and Florence Baker, got to these waterfalls along the White Nile, which they baptized with the name of the president of the Geographical Society, Roderick Murchison. Since then, these spectacular water falls generated by two lakes – which jump from a 43-meter height – have been the heart of the National Park of the same name. The park was established in 1952.

What to see around Murchison Falls

In addition to the waterfalls, the main attraction of Murchison Falls National Park, it is the views of the forests and lakes that dominate the tourist plans. And with them, of course, also the many special encounters you make with the animals. The local fauna consists of lions, leopards, giraffes, elephants, hippos and chimpanzees. Crocodiles, antelopes, buffaloes, antelopes and rhinos also live here.

Visitors to the park will also be able to admire wild birds (black-billed barbarians, spotted-breasted woodpeckers, yellow-throated greenbul, wood-billed pigeons), monkeys and baboons. There are many water birds that populate the surrounding rivers and lakes. Such a paradise should be fully experienced and luckily the new tourist resorts allow you to stay on the edge and inside the park. The closest city is Masindi, 220 km from the capital Kampala, a distance that can be covered in less than 5 hours, by car, on the complicated roads of Uganda.

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Where to stay in the Murchison Falls area

There are four best tourist resorts in the Murchison Falls area: Vilakazi Campsite, Sambiya River Lodge, Paraa Safari and Chobe Lodge. To these are added many other solutions that will allow you to live intense experiences, however, with the comfort of excellent services.

Vilakazi Campsite: is a camping-size resort where guests stay in African-style huts, literally immersed in the wilderness of the park. The services are good and also the activities organized by the managers. For contacts: or tel. 256/772392901.

Sambiya River Lodge: an elegant and luxurious resort 15 minutes from the waterfalls, the Sambiya guarantees excellent tourist services in a discreet, quiet place. Certainly a place so different from the “usual” mass safari tourism resorts. You will be hosted in absolutely eco-friendly cottages, surrounded by greenery, equipped with every comfort. This is also the center of dozens of activities to be carried out on site or inside the park, with good local guides. Contacts and reservations at .

Chobe Safari Lodge Uganda: in order not to be confused with similarly named hotels in other parts of Africa, it is one of the luxury resorts in the Murchison area. It guarantees five-star services and is located right inside the national park, a few steps from the actual waterfalls. In addition to many different activities, the property also offers discounted packages that include multiple things (lodging, event, excursion or lodging, meal, excursion and more). For contacts, visit the very well functioning web site:

Paraa Safari Lodge: a large western-style structure but perfectly integrated into the nature that surrounds it. This lodge sits on one of the bends of the White Nile and offers spectacular views, even from the shared pool! Excellent tourist services and activities organized with criteria do allow an exciting holiday in one of the most beautiful places in the world. All information to book and pay for a stay is at the bottom of the pages of the site:

Among the other structures that surround these “top 4”, we certainly remember Pakuba Safari Lodge – specialized in birdwatching, monkey safaris and with many high-level services (contacts at 256/706725822 or Also Heritage Safari Lodge, a delightful African-style resort run by local tribes and located in a very green grassland (phone: 256/394003961). More good resorts in the park are Tilenga Lodge – 13 elegant cottages in the green of the forest, bookable from the official website ( and the Ikorom Lodge. The latter offers masonry accommodation, immersed in the reality of the park and specializes in adventure safaris. For contacts:

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