Monkeys in Africa are almost everywhere, and it is always easy to come across these cute animals. But their absolute reign is the Kibale forest, in the national park of the same name. The park guarantees them protection, in fact in the Kibale forest there are over 13 different species of monkeys. They coexist there with many species of birds and with some butterflies – among the most beautiful and rare in the world!

If we have piqued your curiosity, book your stay in this western corner of Uganda, a land of mountains, woods and lakes. And if you do not find the opportunity to stay inside the park, no problem! In the reference city of this region – Fort Portal you will still find the best solution for you.

Fort Portal

Fort Portal, also known as Kabarole, is a town of 45,000 inhabitants located in the Western Region of Uganda and the capital of the Kabarole district. Famous for its state-of-the-art hospitals and schools, Fort Portal is also the gateway to one of the nation’s most beautiful natural areas: Kibale Forest National Park.

Located less than 4 hours by car from the capital Kampala, it is well served by communications and facilities for tourists. In fact, tourism is today the main economic engine and support for the population. At Fort Portal they organize most of the safaris to Kibale in order to admire blue monkeys, colobus, chimpanzees, parrots, cuckoos, birds of prey. It is not uncommon to also meet lions, buffaloes and leopards not far from the suburbs! Fort Portal is home to many local guides and tour operators and there are dozens of accommodation options. We have chosen eight for you.

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Where to stay in Fort Portal’s area

Njara Suites – elegant structure immersed in the greenery of a park, but still in the city center. It allows you to live inside the city with all the services available but at the same time to be a few kilometers from the nature reserves. Guaranteed: room service, restaurant, transport, wi-fi, safari service. Telephone 256/772485979.

Bellavista Lodge – for those who love primitive Africa but do not want to give up Western style, both needs are mixed in this resort run by Italians and in full Italian style. In addition, the modernity of the structure goes very well with the wild landscapes that surround it. It is set a stone’s throw from Lake Nyamiteza, a basin formed inside an extinct volcano! All necessary tourist services are ensured, including excursions to the nearby Kibale National Park. For contact:

Stanford Hotel – typical city hotel, immersed in the fullness of Fort Portal’s everyday life is suitable for a short stay. The perfect place for those who plan to experience a lot of safaris and little time in the room. Comfortable and well organized, however, it does not enjoy the tranquility of other solutions, as it is fully located in the city center. Telephone 256/772086559.

Aramaga Rift Valley Lodge – located on a hill overlooking the Rift Valley and the spectacular forests of the national parks, this resort is fantastic! It consists of circular cottages with 360 degree windows that allow you to feel fully inside nature. Excellent tourist services, excursions organized by the resort itself are also part of the stay. The website is very attractive and you can easily consult it and book here:

Kalya Courts Hotel – an ideal solution for those who want tranquility but proximity to the best services. This western hotel is located just outside Fort Portal and on the way to the national parks. It has all the basic amenities, plus some VIP services, conference services and even an associated wellness area. Find the contact at

New Fort View Hotel – small city hotel located in a western-style building, it offers various basic services for the needs of foreign tourists. It also organizes excursions to nearby national parks. Telephone: 256/772491816

Isunga Lodge – Located right on the edge of the Kibale Forest, this green resort offers African-style rooms. Each room is actually a mini apartment with its own garden and connected to the rest of the structure by paths and stairways. They organize different types of excursions into nature. For contacts:

Papaya Lake Lodge – nestled in the forest, consists of nine African-style luxury cottages, each with a garden and parking. Served by a swimming pool and restaurant, shops and state-of-the-art services (wi-fi, solar energy), it also organizes guided excursions to the most fascinating places in the surrounding area. Contact at

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