One of the poorest cities in Uganda, Jinja may actually be very rich. It is located in an enviable position and recently discovered by world tourism: overlooking Lake Victoria, at the exact point where the water of the lake gives life to the White Nile. A set of wonders to see, and excellent ideas for land and water safaris, Jinja has not yet got used to welcoming so many visitors.

Some news about Jinja

Founded in 1901 by British settlers, it never had a real development. The civil war that bloodied Uganda in the 1970s made its rebirth even more difficult. Today its people are still very poor, the only economic support they have is that of hospitality and guided tours of the area. On the other hand, it is a city full of schools!

The tourist points of the city are the great bridge over the Nile, the city museum, the Busoga royal palace, the pier on the lake, the Makwanzi, Busowoko and Itanda waterfalls, the dam, the Nile springs. The great attraction is certainly Lake Victoria which also allows you to enjoy a seaside life as if you were on the shore of the ocean. Kampala and Entebbe are not very far (80 km).

If you choose Jinja as a base for your Ugandan holiday, do not expect real luxury hotels. There are certainly decent and well-organized resorts, but the unexpected is always around the corner. Here is a choice of ten to decide on, from the most elegant and well organized to the cheapest.

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Best resorts in Jinja

Tusubira Village Cottages is a widespread hotel surrounded by greenery, made up of African-style cottages. Each cottage is independent with kitchenette, coffee maker, wi-fi; shared bar and restaurant. They organize boat safaris but also bike excursions. For contact +256/782678055.

Lemala Wildwaters Lodge is an amazing experience! A series of accommodations arranged on the island of Kalagala, at the point where the Nile begins its run between rapids, waterfalls and whirlpools that will be right under … your room’s balcony! The property offers state-of-the-art services, excursions, views and activities. The website, very well organized and secure, allows you to contact for reservations. Click on

Marina Lakeview Apartments is a city hotel, brick-built and western style. The circular structure allows you to always have a beautiful view of the nearby garden and the lake; the services provided to tourists are good. Contact them via the website

Boab Cottage on the Nile is a beautiful farmhouse located along the Nile River. Surrounded by lush greenery, it offers many services and excursions. It works through Airbnb, i.e. with direct rental from the owner who can be called at +256/702226222.

Lighthouse Jinja is a fantastic resort where the rooms are shaped like… barrels! Associated with a restaurant boasting African and German cuisine, it is within easy reach of the Jinja Dam and waterfalls. To contact them: +256/784192349.

Other resorts in the area

Nile Discovery Resort Beach is a hotel on the lake beach, surrounded by palm trees and equipped with various accommodation options, including camping. The structure organizes many excursions, but it is not very clear as for the number of services offered to the tourist on the spot. For contacts +256/772258055 or The site is

Nile It Resort Campsite is a camping-type structure, surrounded by greenery and located not far from an itinerary of beautiful waterfalls. The images of the travelers show a very well maintained and apparently well served site, but the website of the structure is at risk of viruses so for contacts please call +256/772222777.

Jinja Nile Resort is an apparently very modern structure full of services for tourists. It has a swimming pool, wi-fi, free parking and organizes interesting excursions. However, the website is also at risk of viruses here, we only recommend the telephone contact at +256/434122581.

Jinja Nile Nest consists of cottages scattered on the west bank of the White Nile. The sloping position also offers a wonderful panoramas. To contact, call +256/792212618.

Monte Christo Motel is a western-style, brick-built property located in the city. Of lower quality than others, however, it offers bar and restaurant services, excursions and very well-kept rooms. Contacts are +256/771595222. It has a facebook page that can be consulted.

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