Why go to Lake Mburo National Park? After all, it’s the smallest of all Uganda’s national parks and very close to the capital Kampala, so it has very little wildness. At least in appearance. Because if you had the opportunity to explore, and experience – from within – this place, perhaps you will discover wonders. And there is the possibility of doing so, thanks to the many accommodation located immediately behind or within the area of Lake Mburo. In particular, between it and the town of Lyantonde, located just 33 km from the Park and in fact its reference center for tourism.

Lake Mburo and Lyantonde

Lake Mburo is a very small lake but it is the largest of the five lakes in the Nyabushozi region. Around it, a luxuriant nature and wild animals make the landscape typically African. And the proximity to large cities ensures many advantages. For this reason it was used as a hunting reserve until 1933, then declared a protected area and finally became a National Park in 1983.

The park is a natural habitat for many typical African animals: lions, leopards, hyenas, zebras, impalas, hippos, jackals and buffaloes. Obviously it is the favorite destination of less adventurous tourists, who like to stay close to inhabited centers. But equally it is an area suitable for safaris and just as magical as others. The closest town to the park, just one hour away by car, is Lyantonde.

This town is linked to a fascinating legend. It seems that in ancient times an elderly woman completely naked used to bathe here, in a pool hidden among the rocks. The scandal was such big that everyone would “point to the woman on the rock”, this is the meaning of the name Lyantonde! Typical town with colonial history and architecture, today Lyantonde is home to 7000 inhabitants all employed in the successful local tourism industry.

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Sleeping inside the park: the best hotels in Mburo and Lyantonde

Tourist hospitality in the Lake Mburo and Lyantonde National Park area is now a consolidated tradition. There are many ideas, even at low prices, but foreign tourists always prefer well-equipped hotels and possibly close to – or inside – the park. Out of many, here are the top five to choose from.

Mihingo Lodge

Luxury accommodation with all Western comforts in a typically African setting, the Mihingo Lodge is a widespread hotel located on the edge of the national park. Made up of wood and brick huts with a typical thatched roof, it overlooks the park from rocky terraces. All huts are served by a restaurant, bar, panoramic swimming pool, wi-fi. The property organizes many hiking activities, and is the only one to offer both day and night time safaris. To book your stay here : email reservations@mihingolodge.com or call +256 752 410509.

Hyena Hill Lodge

Located at the gateway to the national park, Hyena Hill Lodge is a delightful African-style cottage hotel run by a couple in a homely and informal way. The rooms are all equipped with a panoramic balcony or terrace, private bathroom and relaxation area. Bike safaris are organized here. Contact: phone +256/751898014 or on the website hyenahilllodge.com.

Arcadia Lake Mburo

Eight wooden cottages, with a typically African shape, welcome tourists who want to sleep right inside the national park. Each cottage has a bedroom, bathroom, relaxation area and small outdoor courtyard with modern and common facilities for everyone (restaurant, laundry, excursions). The animals come very close to the cottage area but you can also go and admire them with the safaris organized by the structure (including bird watching). Contact telephone: +256/787196986.

Kigambira Safari Lodge

This luxury resort is located between Lake Mburo and Lake Kigambira, surrounded by greenery with African-style cottages spread over a large area of lovely lawns. Swimming pools and verandahs are part of the relaxation areas that tourists can enjoy in this accommodation. Plus obviously the best catering, entertainment and connection services. The property organizes traditional safaris but also boat trips on the lakes. For contacts and reservations: +256 775-162 835 / +256 777-571 597- email: info@kigambirasafarilodge.com.

Courtyard Hotel Uganda in Lyantonde

This western-style hotel is located in the small town of Lyantonde, not too far from the national park entrances. The 20 rooms overlook the surrounding garden or the internal courtyard with swimming pool and are equipped with all comforts. Common areas are the restaurant and the relaxation areas, also served by the free wi-fi line. For information and bookings just visit the official website: https://couragliato-international-hotel-lyantonde.booked.net/.


How to get there

Lyantonde and Lake Mburo are just over a three-hour drive from the capital Kampala. They can be reached by organized expeditions or by inter-regional buses that connect the capital to other cities in the hinterland.

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