Lake Bunyonyi is located in Uganda, between Kisoro and Kabale, not far from the border with Rwanda. It is a mountain lake between 50 and 900 meters deep, located at an altitude of 1950 meters asl, not far from the most fascinating paths to go and see the famous gorillas. The beauty of Lake Bunyonyi lies in the many small and large islands that dot its surface, creating spectacles of colors especially at sunset. Some of those islands even have a story to tell!

What to do at Lake Bunyonyi

Many tourists come to Lake Bunyonyi just to base and book safaris. Everyone’s goal is to go see mountain gorillas or climb volcanoes in nearby regions. But when they arrive at Bunyonyi they are charmed, and often fall in love to the point of returning. So safaris are the first activity you do on the lake, but you can also fish – according to certain very specific rules. The funny thing is that fish were only introduced to this lake in 1930!

An island safari is a must. Seeing them all is impossible, but at least visit Akampene (the island of punishments) where in ancient times young women who became pregnant out of wedlock were confined alive. Also worth seeing are the islands of Bwama, where lepers once isolated themselves, and nearby Njuyyera, where they were treated by some missionaries. You can even stay on some islands!

Characterized by terraced land, where over 200 species of birds come to nest, Lake Bunyonyi (whose name means in fact “many birds”) is a birdwatching paradise in Uganda. But the terraces are not only home to birds. Some host beautiful cottages and tourist lodges, with breathtaking panoramic views. Anyone wishing to get to know the culture of the people of the lake should also visit the towns of Kyevu, Muko or Bufuka.

01 lake bunyonyi 2Where to stay at Lake Bunyonyi

Various accommodations for tourists now arise everywhere in the territory around the lake. The choice is very wide, which is why we would like to point out some more famous structures that are closer to Western needs.

Arcadia Lodges

Four independent cottages located on a terraced path and equipped with all the services and amenities required. Wi-fi, breakfast, kitchenette, laundry, luggage storage but also a library. And of course room services and excursion organization. The site is, the phone: +265/785623366.

Bird’s Nest

African style cottages, located on one of the highest points above the lake, hence the name. The property also offers a swimming pool, babysitting service, wi-fi, room services, digital TV and many other amenities that Western tourists will find excellent. Of course, organized trips and excursions are included. For contacts: +256/754252560, or visit the website

Hawk’s Eye Lodge

A very lively and modern structure (like its website: will make you experience the beauty of adventure in the middle of the African forest. Small wooden houses with verandas and private gardens, connected by paths, hide among the thick trees that surround the shores of the lake. Numerous quality services are offered to visiting tourists.

Crater Bay Cottages

Right on the lakeside, Crater Bay Cottages is a large structure that gathers small rustic brick cottages. Each cottage is an independent and private unit where guests have privacy and services of all kinds. The structure organizes, among other things, safaris, hikings and birdwatching trips. To contact them, visit the site:

Paradise Eco Hub Resort

This resort made up of dozens of huts in perfect African style is located on one of the many islands that are part of Lake Bunyonyi. A real “Eden garden” surrounded by nature and managed with ecological and environmentally friendly methods. Some “rooms” are housed in wooden and hay huts raised on panoramic verandas of incredible beauty. The site is, the phone +256/779083392.

Bunyonyi Eco Resort

This resort is also located right in the center of the lake, on another island full of greenery. The landscape around it looks almost alpine, as well as the cottages which are wooden and western style. To book here, with all the related services, visit the website:

Kansiime Backpackers

Lake Bunyonyi also thinks of lone travelers and adventurers. This structure located right on the shores of the lake hosts the “backpackers” from all over the world. To reserve a seat here: +256/772999980.

To get to Lake Bunyonyi

You can reach the lake directly from Kampala, with a journey of 400 km (do it with safe means or with guides). Or, if you are in Kisoro, the lake is just 80 km away. The nearest town, only 8km away, is Kabale which is not very organized in transport. (PHOTO ABOVE THE TITLE BY rod waddington flickr)

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