The most beautiful and wild forest in Africa, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park – as the name says – is so rich of trees and grass it is almost impossibile to walk through it. It really is a “green monument”, where incredible animals do live. Of course it is home to mountain gorillas, but also monkeys give this place voice and soul: chimpanzees, vervet monkey, red-tailed monkey and other primates too. You will also meet jackals, wild golden cats, antilopes and elephants plus over 350 species of birds and 200 different species of butterflies.

What to do at Bwindi

Tourists come to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in order to admire the rare and beautiful mountain gorillas. They are taller and darker than normal gorillas and when you go safari among these animals you shall be careful and respectful. Do not bother them, do not scare them. If you are silent enough you can get very close.

At Bwindi you can also go hiking and walking through the accessibile areas of the forest. You can just go exploring or you can do bird watching, or go see monkeys. Mountain bike excursions are also allowed, as long as you go with a guide. You will also have the chance to share daily life experiences with some of the local tribes. But the best experience you can live at Bwindi is sleeping inside the park! Many tourist lodges are set within the area of the park, just inside the wildest nature. Here are some of the best ones for your choice.

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The best lodges at Bwindi

Ihamba Residence is set on a panoramic hill overlooking the forest. It is run by local tribes, who can keep living in “their” forest this way. The structure consists in a real house, with rooms at both ground floor and first floor. All rooms have panoramic view, private bathrooms, B&B or full board service. It offers the possibility of going explore the forest with guided tours. Contact at (telephone +265/702982718).

Gorilla Safari Lodge is set right inside the National Park, and is a large building surrounded by small cottages and bungalows. All comforts are included (wi-fi, restaurant, lounge bar, laundry, tours, hikings, transfers). Rooms are elegant, wide and very modern in the furnitures and services. Contact at: or phone +256/414346463.

Trackers Safari Lodge is a lovely residence consisting in wood huts with the typical African style. All houses are connected with lovely wood bridges and steps. The lodge is set a few kilometers from the National Park but also surrounded by large forest environment. All services included. Contact at: 256 394 890 803 – +256 777 326 175 (mobile) – +256 772 411 715 – +256772465023. Email–

If you are looking for the luxury top accomodation in Bwindi, book at Gorilla Heights Lodge. Fifteen independent cottages surrounded by a lovely park, with all services and comforts, like: swimming pool, gym, restaurant, shops, room service, wi-fi. To book at Gorilla Heights, do call +256 782726526 / 3948 25265. You can also book by writing email at, or at .

Four Gorillas Lodge is also a luxury accomodation, consisting in lovely little houses spread through the forest. You are really “inside” the environment of the park and a part of its landscape. All houses have top level services and comforts, including the possibility of enjoying guided tours in the forest. Contact at +256/756489052 or email at

How to get there

You get to Bwindi by airplane from Entebbe, the reference air strips are Kihihi or Mbarara . The park is connected to these airports by local bused and taxis.

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