The town of Kisoro is one of the reference points for mountain tourism in Uganda. The district of which Kisoro is the capital, in fact, is located in the famous “land of volcanoes” – the Virunga Mountains. This land is rich in forests populated by a fascinating animal, the mountain gorilla. Mountain gorillas are a particular species with longer and darker fur than normal gorillas. Among other things, these animals are used to the mountain climate which, even in Africa, can be very cold in certain seasons. The beauty of the Virungas and the gorillas attract hundreds of tourists from all over the world to these regions every year.

What to see in the Kisoro area

As mentioned, Kisoro is one of the gateways to the mountain gorilla region. Tourists come here to go on safaris, hikes or climb accessible volcano peaks. The wonders to see in this region are therefore mainly natural: the beautiful gorillas, the rainforests, the volcano Mt.Mufombiro – the closest to the city – the peaks of the other volcanoes. Mgahinga National Park is full of interesting trails, and populated by many animals besides gorillas. Do not miss the beautiful coasts of Lake Mutanda, which forms the border with the neighbouring Congo.

But if you stay in Kisoro you can also visit some places of particular interest: the airport, for example, the city market, the well-kept city parks and the particular architecture of the buildings … less “typically African” than usual. In Kisoro city there are some tourist resorts with many amenities. But of course the accommodations that everyone is looking for are located in the wild areas, of naturalistic interest.

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Where to stay in Kisoro and its neighborhoods

If you come on holiday to Kisoro we suggest two resorts that are particularly popular with tourists: Lake Mulehe Gorilla Lodge and Chameleon Hill Lodge.

Lake Mulehe Gorilla Lodge is located just 7km from the center of Kisoro and yet within easy reach of Lake Mutanda. The delightful bungalows of this resort are located on a green and panoramic hill overlooking a small lake, Lake Mulehe. This is just “a taste” of the beauty of the much larger Mutanda. The structure is perfectly suited to the needs of Western tourists and their many needs: it offers a bar, free wi-fi, airport transfer service, 24-hour reception, laundry, babysitting service and games for children. The first aid medical service is also available. However, pets are not allowed at Lake Mulehe Gorilla Lodge and there is no smoking area.

Chameleon Hill Lodge is located right on the shore of the great Mutanda Lake. Located on a hill, it presents itself with a set of brightly coloured and oddly shaped houses, almost like a playground for children. Instead it offers maximum comfort. The bungalows have covered verandas, room services, a large private park, parking, transfer services, restaurant and bar. The property independently arranges safaris and hikings for guests.

Information about the lodges

To contact Lake Mulehe Gorilla Lodge you can call +256/704671286 or visit the lodge’s official facebook page, full of information and always updated.

Contact details for Chameleon Hill are available on the official website, through which you can also book your room online.

To reach Kisoro and its lodges, rely on local flights: from Kampala, by airplane, you can get to the place in an hour-and-a half trip. (PHOTO ABOVE THE TITLE BY ugandanGirl)

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