Set in the northernmost part of Uganda, the Kidepo Valley National Park covers a territory of 1,442 stretching over two valleys, river Kidepo valley and river Narus valley. It is not the most famous wildlife park in Africa but it is well organized for tourism. There are many opportunities for activities in the nature, not only to admire animals but also the beautiful landscape around. Living and staying inside the park itself is a great experience to do.

About Kidepo Valley National Park

Kidepo Valley National Park consists of two valleys made of clay and chalk soil, where the vegetation in mainly of savannah type. The only natural spring of the park is a hot spring  called Kanangorok. This land used to be the territory of the Ketebo tribe, but the people were evicted as soon as the region became a hunting reserve (19th century) and then a game reserve of the British colonial government. In 1962 the reserve turned into a national park and part of it was opened again to farmers, so the ancient tribes could come back. At Kidepo you can come for safari and see hyenas, lions, cheetahs, elephants, zebras, giraffes and buffalos. Do not miss the weird and unique “sausages tree”, typical of the park!

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Hotels and resorts at Kidepo Valley National Park

In order to enjoy all this wild nature, and meet the most incredible animals, you should book your stay very close to, or inside, the park. There are some particular places where you can spend your holiday. Here you can find out about the best among which to make a choice.

Apoka Bandas

This is a lovely camping side consisting in small, typical African huts, all painted green. You can sleep both in the bungalows or in tents, and live fully immersed in the nature of the park. It is not strange to meet elephants or zebras browsing around the camp, very close to the huts. The camp does not provide food and drinks, so you shall buy them before your stay.

Apoka Safari Lodge

This resort is much more elegant. Tourists have large rooms inside nice houses made of wood, though they keep the typical shape of an African hut, but much larger. You have all comforts there, including an excellent restaurants with all menus you may like.

Adere Safari Lodge

Adere Safari Lodge is located on top of a hill overlooking the national park. It is a luxury resort, with elegant and large cottages and houses with beautiful rooms inside. They are more than just “rooms”, they are small apartments, each one with a private balcony and garden. You can use the pool, private bathrooms, restaurant and bar, meeting rooms and also “honeymoon apartments”.

Kidepo Savannah Lodge

If you book your stay here, you will be 30 km away from the main entrance to the park, but you will be still in a wild territory. Not far from this lodge live the people of Karamojong tribe and you can share their culture and buy their handmade objects. The lodge consists of stone-and-wood large houses, with a big terrace for tents if you want to sleep or eat in the open air. You can enjoy room service restaurant, activities and of course organized safari.

In order to book your room at Apoka Bandas, Apoka Safari Lodge and Kidepo Savannah Lodge just click on the official web site of the national park at this linkOr you can call telephone numbers: +256 – 772489497 (Apoka Safari Lodge) and +256 – 312294894 (Kidepo Savannah Lodge). As for the contact information for Adere, you find them on the official web site.

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