It is part of the three main urban centers of Uganda, in fact it is 24 km away from the capital Kampala, and 66 km from Entebbe, the town of the international airport. Mukono is both a town and a district, and it represents another interesting tourist route for the people who come to Uganda. Very close to the big cities, Mukono also offers beautiful nature: a protected area where the rain forest grows, rivers, falls and then the great Victoria Lake. If you stay at the Mukono district you can enjoy a wild holiday experience but also all the comforts of the traditional city life, if you prefer.


What to see at Mukono area

Mukono city is a 161,000-inhabitant urban place. It has a central, modern core and larger outskirts where people live in small houses or in poor cabins. This town is very famous, in Uganda, for its college and university schools. It also has a famous marketplace and a modern hospital. There are not so many interesting monuments, because nature is the most beautiful thing to admire here.

Traveling through the district that surrounds the city – which ends in the Victoria Lake and in the small archipelago consisting in Damba, Kome and Lwaji islands – you shall experience some of the best safaris ever. Water and green are the environments that will welcome you, and wild animals will be waiting for you, not so far from the city.

You can enjoy a boat safari to the lake and the small islands. Or you can go hiking along river Sezibwa which enters a stunning wild rain forest. This is a protected area where you can do birdwatching or admire some species of monkeys jumping among the trees. In the middle of the forest, you shall see the Sezibwa water falls, in the land of the Baganda tribe. The local people will lead you visit also hundred-year old trees and mysterious rocks.

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Where to sleep at Mukono: best hotels

Mukono is a small territory, but there are enough tourist resorts. The safari business is the main one, here, so tourists are always welcome. If you are looking for the best resorts, though, you shall book your room at Forest Lodge, Divine Resort or Riverside Woods Sezibwa.

Forest Lodge – or Rainforest Lodge – is a old farm now turned into a tourist resort. You can have your private rooms, or small apartment, here. But you also have many services: wi-fi, parking, laundry, shopping mall and the possibility to go horse or bike riding. The rain forest is very close to the resort and you can go safari there. There is no specific web site where to find contacts, so you can try at this link: .

Divine Resort and Spa is a nice four-star hotel set between the Mukono and the Kampala territories. It is still Mukono area but faces Kampala on the nearby shore of the lake. If you stay here, you will have all the best tourist services and the possibility to enjoy both the lake’s beach and the city life of the capital. Of course the private beaches and the spa baths are the things tourists will love most. To book your room here: call +256 770 674066 or contact them through their official web site: .

Riverside Woods Sezibwa is in the area of Mukono city, surrounded by the town itself but still set in a green hill environment. Lovely bungalows, camping areas and the best tourist services will make you feel at home in this magic place which is both city and wild nature. In order to contact and book your stay here: tel. +256 752 502177 – email: .

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