A perfect planned safari holiday in Zambian bush camps starts from your imagination. Imagine travelling to southern African countries for a change, like: Zimbabwe, Botswana and Zambia. The best safari lands, for your best safari holiday! Choose one, find your area, and make imagination become real. Now all you have to do is book it and start your adventure! And we suggest you start it from Zambia.

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The safari adventure in Zambian bush camps begins

It could be a three- day safari plan, and it would include all the well planned activities that Africa has to offer. Each activity would suit that specific day and time.

Day One

On the first day of arrival at the bush camp in Zambia, try the boat and river activities. They will be ideal for your relax after long tiring flights to Africa. Your boat tour on the river will be more relaxing with wine, a braai barbecue probably, and watching the beautiful African sunset with your loved ones.

Day Two

On the second day of your three-day safari holiday everyone will be in high spirits after hearing hippo and lion animal sounds all night long. Now your African safari has really begun! Game drives would be done in the morning and a second game drive can be enjoyed at night. Both activities are important as this allows the guests to see both nocturnal and diurnal animals. Guests will be advised to wear nature friendly colors (beige, grey, dark green) and carry their cameras to take photography of their sightings to create memories.

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Day Three

A walking safari will celebrate your holiday on the last day. A passionate and knowledgeable safari guide will lead the walk in the wilderness. Seeing animal trails, trees and up-close and viewing some animals at a safe distance is a memorable experience. You shall not miss it!  In the afternoon, try a village tour. This will enable the guests to see how local people live and hunt. A campfire and some staff singing and dancing farewell traditional songs to our guests is our way of showing how friendly Zambian people are.

Zambia and tourism

Zambian people are friendly and open minded. They welcome and say goodbye to visitors using

traditional songs and dances. This is not just for showing culture, this is because they love to make guests feel well connected to Africa and its people.

Zambia wants tourists to be a part of it, not just to enjoy a holiday but to feel local life as well. Wildlife, the river and the people’s culture … all in one safari holiday experience. A well planned, a unique trip to Zambia, Africa!

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