Tanzania is beautiful country with most adventure. Anyone considering traveling should be aware that restriction are subject to change at short notice and all passenger should undertake proper research and carefully consider the necessity of their travel at this time. Citizens should be aware of the possible limitation to any consular assistance that could be provided. It is also important to check with your travel insurance provider on coverage before travel. If considering travelling abroad ,you are advised to monitor the official advice and information about entry restriction applied by other country, if available. Additional restriction may be imposed by the country of your destination . It could happen also during your visit.

Tanzania and Covid

Covid has been the world wide disease of the past two years. It is no joke and no one should never challenge this virus. It started as a very aggressive pneumonia disease in 2020 and quickly spread all over the world, causing victims especially in Asia, Europe and America. Africa seems to have been “saved” from the huge contagion. But this does not mean the Covid does not exist.

There is also Covid in Africa, but it gives less trouble to the locals. Tanzania is a land of tourism, and has been affected by contagion a bit more. This is why it has stopped all tourist activities for two years and now, starting it all again, it requires attention and care. Tourists must respect what the nation wants them to do, before entering its territory.

cov tanzania 1General travel advice to Tanzania

All international passengers to Tanzania must complete an online Health Survey within 24 hours from arrival . A separate health survey is required for Zanzibar too.

Passengers arriving from other countries experiencing variants of interest and high Covid-19 cases number are obliged to take a rapid antigen test on their arrival in Tanzania . This will be at their own expense.

In weighting up the decision to travel to Tanzania at this time , foreign citizen should take into consideration the risk of restriction being introduced during their journey. Also consider the impact which responding COVID-19 may have on local health care systems over the course of the proposed visit.

Required steps to be followed by travelers

All foreigner who travel to Tanzania must have their Covid-19 PCR Test done before their arrival. Having this may help to see and know whether the passengers who travel to Tanzania has already had Covid-19 . Look at the picture below and remind the main rules against contagion.

cov tanzania 2