Uganda is a land of National Parks. There are 1o among the most beautiful and interesting in Africa and some of them consist in forests. This makes this territory a very special place for safaris. There are plenty of locations to visit and different animal species to admire, when you book a safari through the nation. And if you book a safari to celebrate your wedding, it will be an incredible experience to do as a couple. Uganda can offer stunning accommodations planned on purpose for couples and newlyweds. Just come and find out.

Honeymoon destinations in Uganda

Uganda has a rich and beautiful territory. Every single corner is perfect for a lovely holiday and especially for a honeymoon. But some places have become number one in the tourists choice and also in couples’ choice. If you book your honeymoon trip in Uganda, here is where you should go.

  • Lake Victoria: Uganda includes a large part of this great African lake, also called “inner sea”. Many tourist resorts rise along Lake Victoria’s shores, especially where the forest line is wider and denser. Lodges and hotels along Lake Victoria are quite expensive, as for the African standard, but they can be affordable for many European tourists (550 Dollars for a 3-day stay).
  • Fort Portal: five hours drive away from Kampala, this place is on top of green hills and offers wonderful panoramas. The traditional style lodges, here, have low prices (82 to 100 Dollars per night) and are  a nice mix between western and African culture.
  • Kampala: the capital city is still the best place for newlyweds. They shall have a real hotel room, with all the services they need, plus the chance to organize trips, excursions and safaris everywhere. Prices here range from very expensive elegant rooms to 50 Dollars per night accommodation.
  • Murchison Falls National Park: a lovely wild park where couples can also have their stay.  The perfect honeymoon holiday among wild animals, forests, romantic rivers and falls, tradition and culture of real Africa. This accommodation can be a little expensive too.
  • Along Nile: some of the most beautiful lodges for couples are along the river Nile’s shores, where tourist structures are made of local materials and look like local people’s traditional huts.
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lake victoria

How to organize a honeymoon in Uganda

Tour operators usually plan many honeymoon stays/holidays for couples. You find many in Kampala or in the towns on the shores of Lake Victoria. These trips usually include some safari experience – visit to National Parks, approaching wild animals and especially the mountain gorillas, romantic boat trips along rivers or lakes, sometimes a quick “escape” by local airplain to the nearby Kenyan coast.

Many holidays include both trips to mountain gorillas’ territory and to chimpanzes habitats. You shall have the chance to also meet local people and enjoy their tradition concerning love and wedding. Some trips can also be luxury holidays, in wonderful resorts not to miss if you have the chance. The capital city of Uganda, Kampala, is part of many honeymoon trips in order to offer the western couples a bit of their own culture’s tradition, even though they are in Africa.

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original resorts in the wild