Nairobi is the capital of Kenya and a very interesting big city. With over 6 million inhabitants, this large gathering of humans, tourists, events and experiences is the balance between the western way of living and the African one. This incredible capital borders a regional protected park where wild animals live free. This means you can admire giraffes and zebras from your hotel, or you can enjoy the skyline from the giraffes’ park!

But Nairobi also has: theatres, concert halls, museums, restaurants and welcomes all the people who love to find high quality culture in Africa. Not only wild safari experiences, so. Stay in Nairobi and you will have a perfect vacation. Even a luxury one, if you want to spend a lot of money.

Accommodation in Nairobi

Most tourists come to Kenya looking for safari trips and exotic lodges, possibly in the core of wildlife National Parks. But if you are looking for a luxury vacation you must go to Nairobi and try its hotels. “Hotel” in Kenya indicates many types of accommodation: business hotels, super luxury hotels, safari hotels. If you remain in the capital, you will probably stay at some particular hotels: on top of a skyscraper, in colonial villas, in elegant resorts. You will certainly have wide rooms, with all services such as private pools, panoramic restaurants, gourmet food, special excursions and others.  Choose among many unique possibilities: fitness centers, spa,  wide parks, panoramic terraces … just some of the things rich people can enjoy in Nairobi.

nairoby lux
admire wild animals from Nairobi hotels

Top 10 luxury hotels

  1. Radisson Blue – 25-meter long pool, wi-fi, gourmet restaurant and a private pizzeria, this hotel is the top of tops and for sure the place to choose if you want a luxury stay at Nairobi.
  2. Villa Rosa Kempinski marble everywhere, a lovely wide park all around, it offers also gym, spa, private bus, nine living rooms in common.
  3. Sankara set in the core of the amusement area, where the nightlife is the best in Kenya, Sankara Hotel will offer the view of the city lights from the top pool and royal suites as big as apartments.
  4. Hob House – elegant private apartments with all services for rich tourists’ needs and a special beauty, inside and outside.
  5. Prime Living – a shining bright skyscraper hosting luxury apartments for tourists looking for the best vacation ever.
  6. Moevenpick Hotel&Residence fitness center, spa, private kitchen, private parking and a wide range of “breakfasts” to choose in the morning.
  7. Crown Plaza – the luxury stop near the airport, closely connected to it, too. You will enjoy sauna, private bus service, fitness center, gym and of course the best restaurant.
  8. The Boma – fitness center, private services for tourists and since it is in the southern area of Nairobi you will use a special bus connection. At the restaurant is possible to eat biological food.
  9. Concord Hotel&Suites – a glass building with the best comforts ever, including shoe-shine service!
  10. The Sarova – in the central part of Nairobi, it includes suites with double living and double bathroom, fitness center, spa, sauna and even yoga classes on demand!
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a room on top of a building