Most people love to go on safari trips in order to experience the pure feeling of adventure. Wild sun, dust, dirt, sweat … what is better than this? Maybe a luxury safari! Have you ever considered the idea of going safari, enjoying the wild experiences, but with all the best comforts and high quality services ever? Luxury safaris do exist. They are not just about “people with money”, sometimes a luxury trip also includes particular attention to ecology or charity events. These things are expensive and rich people can afford them, so to have both a great African time and a comfortable useful experience.

Luxury safari, why choose Rwanda

Why should you choose Rwanda for your perfect luxury safari? Because this nation, recently risen from a terrible civil war, is looking to future. It has started to devote itself to tourism so to rediscover a lost national harmony and a new well-being. Rwanda’s territory is special, in Africa. This is a mainly mountain land, with a cooler climate, much more vegetation and animals such as the wild mountain gorillas which are rare.

It is not easy to move around Rwanda. You need special tourist guides and you might prefer much comfortable service, as long as you move throughout the country. You shall visit beautiful National Parks, unique eco-hotels, fly from a place to another on small airplanes, meet local people and enjoy their crafts projects. In order to do this in a high quality condition, book your dream luxury safari. But before you go there are things you must learn.

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About luxury safari in Rwanda

Rwanda is a wild country, just like any other in Africa. You can go safari on a private airplane, on a clean, elegant jeep car … but you will have to walk, sweat and get dirt anyway. There are places you cannot visit in a “comfortable” way. So be ready to have all services you need, but be also ready to face mud, rain, wild environments and hard times. Make sure you spend your money on good, suitable clothes, tools and emergency stuff. You may sleep on a “tree top” hotel room, or enjoy a very expensive forest bungalow … but remember: this is still Africa!

Examples of luxury safari

In Rwanda you can plan different safaris. If you want a luxury one, you shall have a very good guide, a perfect car/airplane, the most beautiful hotel and also the choice between nice ideas. Honeymoon in Rwanda, for example: a 14-day trip to the most beautiful locations of the nation with all services planned for the couple. The Gorilla Trip, is a luxury classical trip including  also a visit to the Okawango Delta and Victoria Falls beyond the borders.

Volcanoes Excursion, is a nice visit to the beautiful active volcanoes of Rwanda: you will have the chance to climb them and also to sleep in the Volcanoes National Park; the worldwide famous Bisate Eco Lodge will be your house in the wild. Also try a safari to Akagera National Park and sleep inside the park’s territory in very elegant (and romantic) tent camps. If you like an all-inclusive safari, try a 9-day trip into the wild and to the capital Kigali, where the best shops will welcome you and your money anytime.

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