They say Zanzibar is the island for rich people. And if you see photos and videos from the island, you might think it is true. Stunning views, incredible beaches, wonderful sea, crazy buildings … this paradise is for billionaires only. But do not despair. Zanzibar is open to everyone and welcomes all. Of course the idea of  “cheap” in a great tourist place such as Zanzibar is still over 80 Euro per night. You will find hotels, rooms, apartments with prices around 80, 90, 100, 150 sometimes 180 Euro. This may seem high for the European standard, but remember that most people who come here will spend 300 t0 1000 Euro per night! As soon as you will realize the many services and additions these resorts offer at the same low price you will certainly understand the convenience.

Accommodation in Zanzibar

In Zanzibar there are many kinds of accommodation for tourists. Many of them are hotels, but there are also apartments, lodges, residences. The largest part of tourists accommodation are along the beaches, on the coast anyway: they will rarely be in the inner land. You will enjoy your stay in colonial-style buildings or in traditional hut-shaped resorts (bungalows), usually set right on the beach’s sand! Quite all tourist structures will also offer pool, private beach and additional services such as laundry/excursion/transfer. What people like most is the kindness of the local hotels’ staff but also the many tourist choices including also good food, boat trips which will not affect the cheap price.  As for 2021, here is a list of the top 10 cheapest accommodation you can book at Zanzibar.

zanzibar cheap hotelThe cheapest accommodation

  1. Golden Tulip great view, great hospitality, nice staff. About 66-70 Euro per night. Appreciated on many web sites.
  2. Coral Rock – nice, safe (even for lonely women), great food and perfect tourist services at just 62 Euro.
  3. Maru Maru Hotel – lovely place in town, with a view over the port and the mosque, price ranging 75 to 110 Euro
  4. Pongwe Beach Hotel nice position on the beach, lovely staff, pool, private beach. Price ranging 93 to 200 Euro. Many tourist booking sites indicate this one as one of the best hotels among the cheapest ones of the island.
  5. Zanzibar Coffee House – traditional architecture, old fashioned furniture, lovely people and all services very cheap. You can stay there at 85 Euro per night. Also very appreciated on many booking web sites.
  6. Blue Oyster Resort – private beach, wide rooms, nice services. Price 85 to 95 Euro.
  7. Albatross Oceanview – nice colonial style resort, with pool, many services and luxury-like rooms. You shall pay less than 120 Euro per night.
  8. Waikiki Resort – bungalows on a stunning white beach, just 60 Euro per night.
  9. Double Tree – nice bungalows resort on the beach, great staff, very good food. You shall pay less than 200 Euro.
  10. Tembo Hotel – private apartments with a common area including a pool. Tourist service including excursions. Price ranging 80 to 120 Euro.
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many resorts are part of the nature around