Unlike what one may think, Africa has always been very attentive to the Covid pandemics situation. Especially the regions famous for tourism, just like Egypt, Morocco, Kenya, Tanzania and, of course, the archipelago of Zanzibar are busy in keeping the population safe. Because of the difficulty in finding the medicines and the too expensive vaccines, African nations have staked everything on the strict rules of testing and preventing the spread of Covid 19. Zanzibar has been one of the regions that has invested the most in safety and now it has expanded and improved the number of Covid Test Centers throughout the territory.

Covid safety in Zanzibar

Since the beginning of the pandemics, Zanzibar has decided safety rules for travelers. This in order to both protect visitors and locals from contagion. It is compulsory to have a Covid test done before you enter Zanzibar’s territory. It is not always compulsory to have the same test done if you leave the island (it depends on what your nation or airline company requires). Tourists who plan a trip to Zanzibar must fill a online form so to receive the UHC certificate. This certificate must be shown, together with a negative Covid test taken 72 hours before leaving, at their arrival.

If tourists have Covid symptoms, they shall undergo a test immediately, at the airport. If positive, they shall stay in a quarantine and have a negative test before being allowed to enter the island’s territory. Due to the many new variants of the virus, tourists may be asked to do a quick Covid test. This especially if they come  – or are in transit – from places where the variants have caused victims. If this test is positive, both quarantine stay and the new test at the end of it shall be borne by the positive subject himself.

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strict rules against covid

How to book your Covid test in Zanzibar

In order to book your  Covid test in Zanzibar, go to the dedicated page and follow the instructions written in English, Swahili and your nation’s language. The web page is divided into four sections you will use to: book the test, read the results, give suggestions or book a quick test in case you are already at the airport in Zanzibar. If you want your “quick Covid test” to be even “quicker”, you can pay for it online by following this page’s instrucionsYou will be asked for your passport number and an access code so to get to the terms of payment. As soon as you have paid for your test you will be directed to the specific centers.

Where to do the test

All tourists must do their Covid tests in order to safely enter Zanzibar and the other islands of the archipelago. Do not trust anyone proposing for doing this test, do learn the list of approved centers for the checking of Covid Test Samples.  If you want to be not one among the rejected passenger at the Zanzibar airport – please do the test only in the approved centers.

You find them in the city of Zanzibar – Lumumba Testing Center, Migomban Testing Center and at the Global Hospital – and in the other districts. As for the Unguja Districts, you will have your Covid test at Makunduchi Center (South Unguja) or at Pwani Mchangani Center (North Unguja).  There is a Covid test center also on the Pemba Island, Mifikiwa Center at Chake Chake. The government of Zanzibar also provides a mobile service of Covid testing on a van, so to reach those locations too far away or not served by the main roads. The Mobile Covid Testing Service also helps people who are in a quarantine or those who cannot get to the testing centers on their own.

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do your test and enjoy Zanzibar safely