If you have the chance to do it,  you should never miss a safari at Amboseli National Park, in Kenya. One of the most famous protected areas in the world, Amboseli has a particular charme that makes it different from any other. Of course you can find the typical African animals, here: lions, leopards, cheetahs, giraffes, zebras … but this is mainly the land of elephants. And the place where the big mammals come and go, during their migrations. In no other place, as in Amboseli, you can admire the beauty of nature in its wildest aspect. No, you really should not miss a safari in this part of paradise…!

About Amboseli

Spread over 39,000 hectares of savannah and African bush sometimes including also woods, lakes and sulphur springs Amboseli National Park was established in 1974. It is part of Kajiado County, in the south of Kenya, on the border line with Tanzania. In 1991 the UN recognized Amboseli as also a part of a Biosphere Reserve, a very special environment it shares with Tanzania as well. The reserve is closed by Kilimanjaro on one side and the volcanic hills of Chyulu on the other side.

The Maasai people who used to live in this region before 1974 were allowed to keep on staying there. They are now the only humans to have a close contact with local animals, and they often help guides and tourists to better understand the nature of the park. During the rain seasons – November/December, April/May – Amboseli changes thoroughly. Colours and light create the famous view, with Mt Kilimanjaro in the background, everyone knows. Try to imagine you, as a part of THAT view…!

02_amboseli 1
wildlife at amboseli

Five reasons why you should go safari at Amboseli

There are certainly more than five, but we want to suggest the most important reasons why a safari at Amboseli is a must for tourists who go to Kenya.

  • admire the rare (only 1000 left) savannah elephants that have their habitat over there;
  • enjoy the stunning sunsets in the bush, with volcanoes as a background;
  • visit the Maasai villages and meet their culture;
  • sleep in the lodges or tented camps inside the park;
  • climb the Observation Hill, a artificial hill that allows you to have a safe 360° view over the land and animals.

What kind of safari will you do

You can go on a classic safari, by jeep car or any other adequate vehicle to run in the savannah. In some places you can also go on foot, and enjoy Amboseli with a nice walk. Some tour operators organize flight safari, thanks to small airplanes they use to let tourists admire the great migrations from above.

Amboseli has its own airstrip where Kenya’s national flights land everyday, after leaving from Nairobi airport. There is a entrance ticket for Amboseli, though you won’t pay it at the gate since there are no gates! Usually the 60 dollars (30 for children) per day are included in the general cost of the safari and you shall pay it at the time of booking.

02_amboseli 2
rare elephants at amboseli