If you want to celebrate a different New Year’s Day, on a very different – and we hope better – new year, 2022, make your choice and book for… Africa. This is the continent of future, the continent of surprise, and there is more than one reason for deciding this is the best place to welcome the next year. We may suggest here 10 good reasons for you to celebrate New Year’s Day 2022 in Africa, but there will be certainly much more. So, why your New Year’s Party in Africa is the best idea?

New Year’s Day is cheaper here

Cities and towns, but also important tourist spots – like the lodges in the National Parks – are usually cheaper than any other European or American location. You can easily afford both the trip and the stay at some particular places in Africa, especially in eastern Africa or southern regions. Also the airplane ticket is affordable, at the end of the year.

The weather is perfect

No matter where you will go, in Africa. The weather over there is perfect, anyway. You can find sunny days even in winter, and you can enjoy locations where the climate is similar to the one in Greece or in Sicily. Your holiday will be great for sure, because you will live it thoroughly.

Seasons do not exist

Seasons do not exist in Africa. Or, to be exact, you have only two seasons – dry and rainy – in the north. And inverted seasons (summer in January, winter in August) in the south. This will allow you to enjoy a New Year’s celebration on the beach or on a safari trip anytime.

You celebrate traditional values

African people are wise and nice, they often welcome tourists and help them to feel at ease. Meet the local tribe, even on New Year’s Night, and learn from them how to celebrate with no excess, in the respect of traditional human values.

There are original parties

Some African nations have become experts as for entertaining tourists. They do not celebrate our New Year’s Day but they know how to make it interesting anyway. The New Year’s parties at the waterfront in Cape Town, the New Year at the night clubs in Lagos, the many parties in the wild National Parks will let you experience a great time.

new year africa 01
see the new year’s dawn in Africa

New Year’s Day at Cape Town

Cape Town is the most famous New Year’s celebration place. Very similar to a western city, same traditions, same … beers! Cape Town’s parties are the best experience a tourist can do on his/her New Year’s holiday. Do not miss the local parade on January 1st.

New Year’s Day at Kilifi, Kenya

Kilifi is a small town in Kenya, almost no one knows it. But on New Year’s time they organize a 4-day music festival celebrating reggae and all the styles connected to it. If you love to dance, this is the place for your New Year’s night.

New Year’s Day at Victoria Falls

The stunning Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe are the set of a 3-day music festival organized on New Year’s Day for the tourists to enjoy. They call it Vic Falls Carnival and it is open to the many famous name of original African music. You will listen to some nice songs and meet – probaby – future international stars.

New Year’s Day in Egypt

Be it on Sharm el Sheik beach or at the Pyramids, New Year’s Day in Egypt is a very exciting experience to do. The Islamic new year is not the same date as ours, but local tour operators organize tours and events for tourists on January 1st all the time. A night excursion to the Pyramids as soon as the 2022 year enters, will make it an incredible celebration.

New Year’s Day in the Morccan desert

Same as the Egyptian tourist events, also in Morocco they organize night tours in the desert or short evening excursions in Casablanca, including romantic dinners. The magic of Arab nights will welcome the New Year in a very special way.

new year africa 02
New Year’s day in Egypt