Sex tourism? You may think it is strange but … it is not just a “men’s business”. More and more women, especially unsuspected over-50 ladies, book their trip to Africa looking only for “sex and fun” with some nice, young locals. Probably the myth of the “black macho man”, or the dream of living a personal “adventure” in a real wild paradise drive many European and American ladies to book their special trips to Africa. To East Africa, especially. In fact, Kenya is the most popular destination for this kind of vacations!

Sex tourism is often illegal, because – especially as for men – tourists look for very young partners. If you are an adult looking for other adults, you might be sure you will not break any law. But, depending on the situation, you could become a partner in crime for exploitation of prostitution, which is definitely a very bad thing. So, the suggestion is NOT to plan any of such “sex tours” and just go to Africa to enjoy landscape and nature. Also because … there is a marked difference between “what tourists expect” and “real world”.

Sex tourism, fantasy and real world

Men book their trips to sex tourism destinations with the idea of spending some special nights with beautiful exotic girls . They want to experience new things, being sure no one at home will never know. Women looking for sex tourism, usually, do not want to betray their partners … they just want the “sexy tale” with the wild macho man! They are single ladies, or girls looking for exotic adventures and go on trip dreaming of fantasy worlds.

When they get to East Africa – one of the new destinations for world’s sex tourism – they find a very different real world, instead. The “girls” men are looking for can be just children, very poor ones, sold by their parents to foreigners for just one night. As for women, they might find themselves in the hand of local criminals and live very bad experiences! Sex tourism in East Africa is often run by mafia people, and exploites poor kids which makes it cruel and illegal.

sextour 01
east africa is the new sex tour destination

Women and sex tourism in Africa

The increasing number of white women looking for sex tourism in East Africa is feeding a secret and suspect business connected to some particular “travel agencies”. These agencies never speak clearly of “sex tourism” but will let the ladies understand they can live a wonderful adventure, here and there. They shall organize “safaris” that include young men, or parties where local men work as gigolo. Internet web sites also promote such tourism in Africa. Some of these men are only looking for a rich lady to marry, so to escape their situation of extreme poverty. This means it will not be just the adventure of one night but … a problem for the next months/years in the life of those women.

Be careful of …

You better go to Africa just to admire … Africa, and not young Africans! Enjoy a vacation and do not be a partner in any crime. So be careful of the agencies you are booking with, and learn how to understand the “special codes” they use for sex tourism. Tourist plans such as “Romance Trip“, or “personal assistant“, or “sugar mommas pub” indicate that your holiday is going to be turned into a sex tour. And you might never know the dangers connected to it.

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women look for african men