If you are Covid vaccinated, if you are looking for a holiday far away from that home of your long “lockdowns”, Africa is the place for you, in this 2021. The continent is coping better than expected with the pandemics situation, and there are many strict safety rules tourists must respect, when they arrive and move throughout it. This makes sure that you can enjoy a safe trip in some of the most charming locations in the world. Besides that, African tourist destinations are cheaper if you arrive from abroad. Just to make an example: it is more expensive to fly from Kenya to South Africa rather than from London to Kenya!

So a direct trip to the best destinations in Africa is the ideal holiday for this summer. But also for the next seasons, such as autumn and winter. Africa is a great place to go even during Christmas time! Some trendy destinations are still the same, after so many years; others have just added to the list. Come discover where can you go, if you decide to book your African trip in 2021.

North Africa and Wildlife Parks

Marrakach, Morocco: the so called “red city” is the travelers’ number 1 choice for 2021 holidays in Africa. It may seem the usual tourist destination, and it has been, but Marrakach is a magic place full of history, architecture, art and wild nature (desert, mountains). The most important place to visit? Its famous souk, the marketplace.

Fes, still in Morocco: the big old city famous for its “coloured pools”. Here, in fact, still today they hand-dye fabrics with colours made of natural elements, like plants. Fes also has the largest pedestrian area (open air mall) in the world, covering a wide area where almost 100.000 people live!

Kilimanjaro: this high volcano, reaching over 5000 meters asl, is the main attraction in East Africa. The many safari trips taking tourists to its top, or to the wild natural parks all around it, start from Arusha, in Tanzania. This town is in fact the perfect base for tourists who look for adventure, but … in a comfortable way! It is also the heart of the volcanic Great Rift Valley.

Maasai Mara, Kenya: the largest and most famous natural park in Kenya and one of the most famous in the world, the Maasai Mara is the perfect place for safari. There you will meet all the famous wild animals – lions, cheetahs, elephants, rhinoceros, giraffes … – but also local people of the Maasai tribes who will tell you about their traditions. You can also sleep in the many lodges inside the park.

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe: a real natural monument, the highest water falls in Africa with their eternal rainbow over them, are a place you must go and visit once in life!

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victoria falls

Beautiful cities in Africa

Nairobi, Kenya: tourists love to find themselves in environments that remind them of home, though they are in an exotic continent. Among so many, Nairobi is one of the favourite of this kind. Not only it is the capital city of safaris, but it is also a modern place, where you can almost feel like being in Europe or America though surrounded by wild Africa!

Capetown, South Africa: modern, new, dynamic, full of light and with stunning beaches, Capetown is the capital of sporty Africa, and the best place for surfing. It is also a base for starting trips and safari to the surrounding regions of South Africa, where landscapes of great beauty and wild lands will make your holiday great!

The islands

Mauritius: a ever-green tourist destination, this island and its lovely capital Port Louis are paradise on Earth for many people who love them and will come back to visit, even in 2021.

Seychelles: romantic and exotic, this archipelago is also the typical African destination for tourists who want to relax and enjoy incredible landscapes and wonderful beaches.

Zanzibar: the autonomous district of the Zanzibar Archipelago, connected to Tanzania to which they still belong, is  a small universe for all to see. Here you shall find wonderful beaches, nature, wildlife parks, lovely colonial cities, kind and nice people who will always welcome you.

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