Rwanda is the home of the most beautiful mountains and the perfect habitat for the famous mountain gorilla. The landscape of this nation is full of green, peaks – especially volcanoes, rivers and lakes. A different view of Africa which still includes safari, but quite unusual. You may not meet lions and elephants in sunny savannahs, but you will certainly spot monkeys and gorillas, and many beautiful birds. Rwanda is the place for you, if you love nature and you want to feel like the very first man and woman on Earth! There are many locations to explore, here, but we suggest six for newlyweds on honeymoon.

When to go to Rwanda

Rwanda is a mountain place, set over 1000 meters above sea level. This means you shall walk at high altitudes, among wild forests and in very wet locations. So make sure you will not book your honeymoon over there during the rain season. The best period for a safe and quiet visit is June to September and December to February.

Pack your bag

Since you will stay on the mountains pack your bag as if you might face cold and rainy days. It will not rain that much during the dry season, but it can be quite wet inside the forests . In the evening you will love to wrap yourselves in a warm wool jacket! Take long-sleeved clothes, wool shirts and jackets, repellent for insects and closed shoes. You better use boots, especially if you will go on safari on foot in the woods. Do not forget a zoom lens or binoculars, so to admire in the distance the shy mountain gorillas and the many birds.

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couple on honeymoon

Six places for your honeymoon in Rwanda

Volcanoes National Park – the high peaks of the Virunga mountains, mainly volcanoes, are the protagonists of the Volcanoes National Park one of the wildest places in Africa. Couples will have the chance to explore the land on foot, by jeep car, or also climb some of the mountains. They can relax in the lovely lodges scattered all over the Park.

Gorilla’s Nest – this place, also a lovely hotel built with natural elements, is hidden in the forest. It is very close to the mountain gorillas’ areas. The stay, here, is very expensive but … imagine your most intimate moments with the view of the forest behind the window and the gorillas call all around!

Lake Kivu – a very romantic corner of Africa, along the shores of this big lake. It is considered the “sea of Rwanda” and for sure it offers newlyweds lovely scenarios and happy moments.

Kigali – the capital city of Rwanda is a modern city full of green areas and tourist services. Lovely hotels, nice restaurants and shops will make all couples happy.

Nyungwe Forest – a very wild and primitive environment, if you want to celebrate your honeymoon with a real African adventure. Home to many birds and monkeys, it looks very much like the original Eden!

Dian Fossey place – set in the Virunga region, this is the home and lab of the famous scientist who, for first, told the world about the local gorillas.

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green lands of rwanda