Weddings are the beginning of journeys that may last a lifetime! You may find long, easy roads or narrow dirty alleys. You may face danger and relax, hard times and funny times, warm days and cold days. The best training for a life as a married couple is your honeymoon holiday and no place is better than Africa for meeting all the easy and hard times of a journey. So if you are planning your honeymoon right now, plan it in Zambia.

Zambia is home to many wild National Parks, where tourists can go exploring incredible landscapes and take photos of the most beautiful animals in the world. If you are looking for the typical African safari – big red sun setting on a dry savannah with giraffes and lions passing by – this is your place! If you are looking for relaxing moments in locations that look so much like Heaven, Zambia is still your place. And newlyweds are always welcome here, no matter if they stay in large cities or tribal villages.

When to plan your honeymoon in Zambia

The best weather in Zambia is from late March to October. During the spring months and early summer ones, most part of the territory is green and crossed by rivers and streams. Temperatures are still very warm but you can face long walks in the nature in the shade of many trees. From August to October temperatures rise over 30°C which is much harder for explorers but better for animals. This is the good time for admiring most of them. Just avoid the rain season – November to March.

zambia honeymoon 01Pack your bag

Days will be quite hot in every season, so make sure your clothes are light, natural fabric, short-sleeved. But also take long-sleeved shirts and long trousers if you must go safari in large savannahs. Clothes must have neutral colours (white, gray, light brown) so to not bother the animals in the distance. Do not forget binoculars, photocameras and mobile phones of course! Repellent sprays are highly recommended, so as sunglasses and sunscreens. Take jackts for some nice cool night.

The best locations for your honeymoon in Zambia

Now take the map and book your honeymoon tour on the large territory of Zambia. There are many interesting places and stunning panoramas to see, and since you are a couple in love … do start from romantic ones.

Victoria Falls – when river Zambezi was cut by the rising of a high tectonic fault the land broke along a very long line and the river fell into that canyon. So the Victoria Falls were born: they are 128 metres high and April is the month when you can see them at full water power. The fog and the rainbows always floating over the falls make them very romantic.

Lake Kariba – is a artificial lake and, for Zambia, is like a inner sea. Here, tourists can enjoy boat trips and resorts on the shores.

Luangwa National Parks (North and South) – are just one of the examples of great safari places in Zambia. You can even spend the night in tents or lovely lodges over there.

Zambezi National Park – this is the best place for birdwatchers and for romantic couples who want to have nice and more quiet safaris.

Lusaka and Livingstone – the main cities are well organized to offer newlywed couples all the best comforts and relaxing activities. Lusaka, the capital of Zambia, is a place worth the visit for its many monuments, restaurants and modern hotels.

ZAMBIA honeymoon02
romantic Victoria Falls