Kenya is one of the most requested honeymoon locations in Africa. The nation has built a dynamic and unique business on weddings, honeymoon stays, love hotels and so on, also due to the special beauty of its landscapes. Many European couples choose Kenya as their honeymoon place because they imagine to spend two weeks in one of those tourist resorts on the coast. There are many, and well organized and beautiful too. But a pool overlooking a beach can be everywhere in the world. Kenya is much more.

Recently, the “wedding business” is changing and also includes inner regions and real safari adventures to the honeymoon holidays. The magic of Kenya is everywhere, not just on the coast’s villages. You can have all the sea and sun you want, here, but you can also go and discover wildlife, volcanoes, wild lands or the colourful local culture – dances, festivals, food. Pack your bag and your mind with all the desire to learn more about Kenya!

When to plan your honeymoon in the magic of Kenya

Kenya has many different types of climate but one thing is sure: the dry season is the best, everywhere. So you better plan your honeymoon between January and April, or from June to September. Warm temperatures will let you enjoy the classic honeymoon resorts on the beach, but you will have the chance to also go on safari. No rains means better condition of streets and roads, more animals to admire – especially birds as flamingos – and feeling better even in the heat of the day.

discover beautiful landscapes

Pack your bag

Make sure you pack your bag with all cameras and mobile phones you need to catch every single memory of this trip. The magic of Kenya is in its colours, light, nature and people … you should not miss any of them. In your bag you must have:

  • short and long sleeved shirts
  • long trousers/skirts
  • both sandal shoes and closed shoes/boots
  • water proof jacket
  • wool clothes (nights are very cold, and so are early mornings)
  • sunglasses
  • large hats
  • sunscreen
  • repellents for mosquitoes

Make sure you have a veil or a scarf with you, because you might be asked to cover your head or shoulders, in some places. Veils and scarves will also protect you from insects.

What to do on your Kenya honeymoon

Have some relax on the beautiful Kenyan beaches, you deserve it! At the beginning you shall live some intimate moments of your own, so to forget the “wedding stress” and the tiredness of the airplain journey. The stunning beauty of the Ocean, the golden sand, palm trees and lovely straw lodges will help you feeling at ease on the territory. Places such as Malindi or Mombasa know how to welcome tourists. You can also have elegant dinners both in the restaurants of the coastal cities and of the capital, Nairobi, if you will enjoy its monuments.

Then, you might like to go on the typical Kenyan safari: discover the famous National Parks – Amboseli, Masaai Mara, Tsavo – and the wild animals that live over there. Do share your emotions with other tourists or other couples on their adventurous honeymoon! But if you want to make your stay unique, try also a “different” Kenya. Go discover the volcanoes of the Rift Valley, Lake Turkana, or the westernmost part of the nation, Kisumu, on the Kenyan slice of the great Lake Victoria.

You will not know the magic of Kenya if you do not sleep at least one night at the incredible Treetops Hotel, a whole resort built on high trees’ branches. This is the place where also young queen Elizabeth had her holidays in the 1950s. Imagine the emotion of sleeping in a full natural place, overlooking the savannah all around and being a real part of it.

a different Kenya