The big island and semi autonomous region of Zanzibar is the best tourist place in Tanzania. Even more famous than the big wildlife National Parks, Zanzibar looks more like a real paradise. The stunning sky-blue ocean, the tropical fish in it, wild forests, lovely people, tourist resorts and especially so many things to do! This is Africa but looks more like Europe and has the perfumes of Asia. Dawns and sunsets are both breathtaking and all newly married couples dream of such an experience for their honeymoon. Which, however, will not exclude adventure and fun!

Zanzibar honeymoon, when to go

Plan your wedding and your Zanzibar honeymoon somewhere in winter or summer, that is from December to March or from June to September. These are the best seasons for your honeymoon on the island. It is set along the tropical coast line of Tanzania, which means there are heavy rain seasons and very dry ones. Middle seasons are usually rainy and hot, due to the high level of humidity. So you better prefer the dry months we suggested. You will not find cooler weather, but at least heat will never be excessive for your body.

Pack your bag

Now you are married and happy and you just cannot wait for being all alone with your loved one on a romantic African beach. This is what you must have in your bag if you go to Zanzibar: light, natural fabric clothes (cotton, linen) – both short and long sleeved, sunscreen creams, sunglasses, comfortable shoes.  Make sure your shoes are both sandals and closed hiking shoes because you might walk on the beach or in a wild forest anytime. Also take elegant clothes and a jacket. Do not forget photocameras and videocameras, so to have the memory of your first trip as husband and wife.

zanzibar honeymoon_ (2)
romantic sunsets on the boat

What to do on your Zanzibar honeymoon

Zanzibar is always ready and happy to welcome newly married couples and to invent new incredible activities for making them enjoy their stay. Besides the classic guided tour to Stone Town – Freddie Mercury’s birthplace – the historic heart of the island, with its monuments and memories of slaves trade, you shall try many lovely excursions and events. You can go admiring the sunset on the dhow cruises, on the typical boats of local fishermen (plus cocktail on board!). They will invite you touring the large farms where they cultivate spices and tropical fruit.

Of course you can spend a lot of time swimming, doing snorkeling, sunbathing on the golden beaches. Evening dinners, at candle light, are possible on those same beaches, especially at Waka Waka and Nakupenda. But the best experience ever is having dinner at the Rock Restaurant, set on top of a isolated rock in the middle of the ocean!

You can also go safari on foot, visiting the local protected forests, or have a small cruise and follow the dolphins as they jump among the waves! And when you want to rest, or if you need some time on your own as a couple, you will find your intimate moments in the lovely resorts with straw cabins, or large, elegant tents overlooking the beach and the ocean.

zanzibar honeymoon_3
have a dinner at the restaurant island