As soon as you can again, plan your honeymoon in Africa. The wild continent of the great spaces is the best place to spend the very first weeks after the most important “I do” in your life. Because it can be both romantic and very practical and give you relax, fun but also interesting things to organize together. There are many wedding planners and tour operators working for your perfect African honeymoon. But this is what you must know in order to be ready, too.

Why go on honeymoon in Africa?

Because Africa is heaven! Love makes you feel in heaven, especially after the joyful excitement of your wedding day. Honeymoon in Africa will help you discover many romantic aspects of this wild land. Climbing a volcano, walking hand in hand in the forest, canooing along the river under the stunning African sunsets … this is the dream every bride and groom deserves. The first adventure as a married couple must be in a place where practical life and fantasy mix every single day.

How to organize your African honeymoon?

Tour operators are ready to help you organize your honeymoon in Africa. Just say what you want and you could have: a tiny treetop house facing Kenyan forests, a luxury hotel on one of  Zanzibar’s tropical beaches, a lodge inside one of the most beautiful National Parks in Tanzania and so on. Make sure you balance your stay at best. Find moments of your own, in secret places for the two of you only. Have also some nice time with other couples and guests on safaris, excursions or cultural events. Try to both relax and explore, enjoy an elegant restaurant and a village’s food taste at the local market.

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Where to go?

Tunisia and Morocco have been  honeymoon places for a long time, along with Egypt. But recently it is wild Africa the place all couples dream of. There are nations, especially on the East Coast,  that know how to organize dream honeymoon stays for tourists from all over the world. South Africa, Kenya, Zanzibar and Tanzania are the favourite destinations for people who want to enjoy their honeymoon. Some tourist resorts also help you organizing the wedding from the beginning – the ceremony itself! – to the very last day, you could also bring relatives and friends over there.

Kenyan and Tanzanian beaches are the top! So are Zanzibar and the smaller islands all around. But National Parks have become more and more interesting for honeymoon planners, too. Today, couples love to sleep at Masaai Mara, Selous, Okawango. They go explore the old extinct volcanoes, or climb the Kilimanjaro. They go, hand in hand, through the mountain forests in Rwanda trying to spot the famous dark gorillas. Or they ask for a trip in the deserts or inner villages. No matter what will you choose. Africa is a surprise that never ends, and the best place to build the first memories of your long lasting love story!

Some more tips for you

Make sure you always land in Africa late at night, or early in the morning. You will be tired and just asking for relax, so you better do not feel the hot climate immediately.

Take the first two or three days easy: just live as a tourist, enjoy lunches, cocktails, pools, chatting with other guests, touring the local monuments.

Have some adventure … because this is what you have been looking for, over here! So try safari, forest trips, climbings and other activities in the nature.

But before you leave, let Africa be part of your most beautiful memories by finding intimate moments for you two only … somewhere under the sunset.

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start your love story in Africa