A mountain nation, set on highlands at 1000 metres asl, Uganda is one of the most beautiful territories in Africa. Forests, lakes, rivers and creeks make it a wild adventure world, different from any other in the continent. Fifteen National Parks protect this beautiful nature and its fauna, and many of them are mountain locations so you need particular kind of cars in order to move throughout them. Uganda is also the beautiful coast along the great Lake Victoria, the “inner sea”, so you will always have to face wet, rain and mud. When you rent a car in Uganda you shall consider this, first of all.

Road conditions in Uganda

Driving in Uganda is not as difficult as one could think. It is possible, for tourists, to rent a car and go on their own – though it is better they already know the territory well. The main city roads, tourist roads and motorways are asphalted and safe, with many speed humps on the way. Speed humps can be found also in small villages and dusty internal streets. These streets might also have holes, here and there.

If you want to drive in Uganda, you better rent a large car with good wheels and high enough so to avoid mud and water. Jeep cars are the best choice, so as SUV cars. You shall have enough room in the car to also put food, water, tents, emergency tools. If you are planning to go on safari on your own, make sure you hire a local guide anyway. If you decide to stay in towns – Kampala, Entebbe – you shall have less problems with traffic.

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driving in the mud

Documents for car rental in Uganda

There are very few instrucions about the documents you need for renting a car in Uganda. It sounds like a very simple thing to do: just show your driver’s licence – international driver’s licence is better! – identity card and a credit card. But tourists should always have their passport and visa anyway, in case some agency may ask for them. Booking in advance is highly recommended! They will ask for a small money deposit at the time of booking.

More things to know

Car rental in Uganda is very common, also for local people. You will have no problem at all in finding places where to rent cars, and you can choose among many kinds of vehicles. Of course tourists can rent cars at the airport, stations and hotels. Some agencies will deliver the car you asked for to the place where you are staying. This delivery may need an extra cost for fuel, except if your location is in Kampala or Entebbe.

Pay attention to drivers in Uganda, especially to taxi and truck drivers. They usually have no rules and may be dangerous in the streets, especially in inner regions. It is not recommended to drive after dusk, or at night, unless you know the territory very well and have already been there.

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