Zambia is Africa. If you can imagine a place that represents the beauty of a whole continent, this is Zambia for sure. Its territory hosts 19 National Parks and Protected Reserves, where wild vegetation and some of the most beautiful animals in the world live. A real “safari-land”, Zambia is quite expensive, so only a few lucky people can visit it. Rich people usually prefer to explore the nation with organized tours, but those who love adventure may like to drive themselves across those stunning landscapes. If you are one of the lucky ones who will visit Zambia someday, and if you love to be independent and free, a car to rent is your best choice. You shall find vehicles of any kind, perfect both for mountains, rivers, dusty roads and the traffic of Lusaka and Livingstone, the largest cities.

Driving a car in Zambia

Driving a car in Zambia is easy but a bit dangerous, too. Exept for the large cities – Lusaka and Livingstone most of the streets and roads of the nation are in very bad conditions, usually unpaved. Dusty or muddy roads often cross the main paved road, and there are not always signs that warn about the crossing. People and animals cross the roads suddenly and – especially in the evenings – you can see them at the very last moment! Make sure you always have some fuel tanks with you because petrol stations are not everywhere.

Car rentals are more common in cities and large towns. So you better get well organized in Lusaka, or in Livingstone, before you go on your private trip. Car renting can be cheap, depending on the car you need. The advice is to hire a large 4×4 car so you can face mud, dust and broken asphalt in every climate condition. We also suggest to always hire a local guide, even though you are the one to drive along the way.

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Documents required to rent a car in Zambia

In order to rent a car in Zambia, you must show documents that prove who you are and how old you are:

  • a valid passport;
  • your identity card;
  • another identity document, such as credit card or ATM or else;
  • your driver’s licence – an international driver’s licence is highly recommended;

Booking in advance is the best thing to do, because agencies may ask for checking your booking voucher. Agencies may ask for money deposit before you take the car. You may be asked to pay an extra fee if you are younger than 25, because in Zambia you cannot drive before that age.

More advice

Make sure you do not drive in inner regions or in the city’s outskirts at night, or in the evening. Do not drive along the national borders, because the neighbour nations have troubled political situations all the time. Always have seat belts and, in case the police stops you, be kind and collaborative. Make sure you always take with you the documents, including the car’s registration papers. Remember in Zambia you shall keep the left side of the road.

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