Africa, jeep, safari. This is the most common connection of words when people think of a trip to the great “Black Continent”. And of course safari is the most exciting way to explore the wild lands of Africa. But it is not the only one. You might want to feel “an African among Africans” and try to live the continent like the local people do. Or you just want to reach the tour operator that will lead you to your safari experience. But … how to get there?

If you are traveling on your own, the car is not recommended as a means of transport. You must be born in Africa in order to know how to drive in Africa! So you better get carried on the public means like bus or train. Airplanes too, of course, if you need to cover huge distances. But you can also plan a specific trip by one of those means. Because each one of them will let you discover… a different Africa.

Africa by bus

You choose the bus if you want to feel part of the local life. This is the main rule of travelers who love these means of transport. If you choose to travel by bus in Africa it means you want to admire the environment from “inside”. Like a resident, you travel like them. You might stop and get off the bus in a village, a small town or a capital city. Or you can admire the landscape from a bridge, or a straight road in a plain. If you love bus traveling but do not want to mix with local people, you shall try the Overland Tours. These special tourist buses are comfortable and can go on for long distances. You can explore from South Africa up to Egypt on a Overland Tour. And especially enjoy national parks and wildlife!

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Traveling by new modern trains

African trains are changing every year more. They are still very old and crowded means, slow and always late, most of the time. But the new Chinese influence on the continent is bringing new electric and faster trains everywhere. Tourism is also developing around trains. There are new “railway safaris” – both luxury and economic – allowing foreigners to go on very long distances, through stunning landscapes, in a few days. The most famous ones: Rovos Rail Luxury Tours, going from Tanzania to Namibia and South Africa; Shongololo Express, from Mozambique to Zimbabwe; Nairobi to Mombasa Train Trip and Tangier to Casablanca, Morocco. You can use train to also get to Victoria Falls, Luxor, Selous Game reserve.

Africa from above by airplane

There are thousands airports, airstrips and helicopter bases scattered throughout Africa. Flying over this huge continent is the best choice to see many things in a very short time. It is also the best way to move your holiday stay to many different places in a few days. You shall use airplanes in order to admire from above the great migrations of animals, or predators chasing their preys on long distances. From the sky you shall admire the most stunning colours of the land and sunsets! The best airplane tours can be booked in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, Kenya and Tanzania.

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