Vaccinations, the topic of the day. The widespread Covid 19 pandemics has brought vaccines under the international spotlights. Not only for their purpose of saving our lives but also for the collateral damages they can cause. Do it or not do it? The world is talking about that all the time, but travelers do know that vaccines are “a normal thing to do”. Especially if you want to go and visit foreign exotic places. Like Africa, for example. There are some specific vaccinations required before entering many African nations and they will soon add also the Covid 19 vaccine. Of course a single nation will require some vaccines, another will require others. But some are basic everywhere.

Vaccination against yellow fever, tetanus, hepatitis

Vaccination against the yellow fever is the most important of all. It is compulsory almost everywhere in Africa, so you must include it in your travel prophylaxis. You must do this vaccination before leaving your nation. And when you arrive to your place in Africa you might be asked to wear a yellow label indicating you can enter safely. Check your Country’s health board to learn where and when exactly you can do this vaccine.

Vaccination against tetanus is also very very important. You will go visiting wide lands, meet wild animals and you can be far away from hospitals and doctors for days. Even a small cut or bite on your body could cause tetanus, so you must be protected in any situation. Make sure you also have a vaccination against hepatitis, especially Hep A and Hep B. Ask your doctor if you also need to have a vaccination against Hep C.

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Vaccination against hydrophobia, typhus and meningitis

When you go to Africa, you plan to meet big wild animals. But you can also have occasional contact with domestic unknown small animals too! Vaccination against hydrophobia is not compulsory but highly recommended in this kind of trip. Also highly recommended is the protection against typhus, which lasts 3 years and helps you when you need to drink or eat in foreign, wild countries. You better have vaccination also against meningitis and cholera, especially if you love Africa and will go there often.

And what about malaria?

The marsh fever, or malaria, derives from mosquito bites and there is no vaccine to protect you from that, so far. It is very dangerous, though, and especially in Africa many people die every year because of this illness. In order to stay safe from malaria you can only pay great attention and follow important advice and rules. This is the correct prophylaxis:

  • Book your trip during the dry season.
  • Wear long trousers, long skirts, long-sleeved shirts all the time and use veils or scarves around your head and face.
  • Always make sure you bring insecticides and mosquito repellents in your bag. And USE them!
  • Do not stay outside after dusk or early at dawn.
  • Find your accomodation away from rivers, lakes, sea.
  • Always sleep with a mosquito net around your bed.
  • Ask your doctor which medicines you need in order to have the best anti-malaria prophylaxis.

(the photo above the title is by: Thirdman from Pexels)

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