African nations do not have a real “winter season” . So when you speak of “low tourist season” you indicate those periods when the weather is not good for touring, like the time of the heavy rains. But even these wet seasons can hide wonders, and can allow people to find out a unique view of African landscapes. In Tanzania, there are two low seasons – or rain seasons: from March to June and from early November to late December. Why should you book your safari over there right in those months and not – for example – during the most touristic dry period? Here is at least five reasons that explain the point.

Nice temperatures

Rain seasons in Tanzania are also cool months. Of course, as for Africa and its climate, “cool” means temperatures of 20-25 degrees Celsius. What for us is just a nice summer weather in Tanzania is considered almost “cold”, but this will help tourists to face their tours with less effort. Rains can be really heavy and so can be humidity, but there will be also nice sunny days, or windy mornings, which allow you to enjoy the trips much better. No sweating, no panting, no feeling sick under the terrible African sun.

Kilimanjaro with snow

Climbing the 5895 metres of Mount Kilimanjaro is the experience you must do, when you come visiting Tanzania. It is incredible in every season, but during the heavy rains season it could be even more surprising.  There will always be some snow and ice on the top of the big volcano, but during the wet season you might find yourself up there while snowing! Try to imagine how exciting to enjoy snow in the heart of Africa. And what about challenging the most beautiful mountain of the continent with more snow and ice and real cold ?

tanzania low season_ (2)
camping on Kilimanjaro with snow

The paradise of your own

Tanzania is one of the top tourist places in Africa, so it is always crowded. Especially when you book safaris to the national parks, or when you want to enjoy the wild, beautiful coast and the island of Zanzibar. During the rain season very few tourist dare booking their trip over there. So you will have the chance to enjoy beaches, islands, forests and national parks … a real paradise … with no one around. All of your own.

Different and unique experiences

Rains do stop all the fights, the predators and the migrations too. You cannot see the wonderful show of many animals moving and chasing through the plains, during the low season, but you will find them at their ease. This is the time for most animals for giving birth to puppies and cubs, the time for teaching them how to find food. And if you love birdwatching, the rain months are the best for taking great photos of many species of birds. In these seasons, the highlands will be covered in many-coloured blooms.

Cheaper holidays

Last but not least … a low season is a low season everywhere. So Tanzania, in March-June and November-December time, offers the best trips, accomodations and guided tours at very low prices. You could have the chance to stay a bit more than a typical high season holiday and enjoy your African experience at best.

tanzania low season_ (3)
the colors of the wet season