Uganda is a modern nation, though you won’t say it at first sight. It has been open to new things for years, and especially as for food. Ugandan food is a nice mix of old cuisine and new fashion from abroad, from neighbour African Countries or from places overseas. If you ask what Ugandan food consists of, they will answer: meat, peanuts and stews. Meat, in particular, is the beef and it is mainly cooked on the barbecues. Though some recipes look very much like the typical swahili food, there is always something special to find out on your Ugandan dish. Uganda is also very famous, in Africa, for its snack recipes. They have fantasy in preparing them, and some of these snacks will take you by big surprise.

Peanuts, main Uganda food

Some call it “groundnuts” but this typical plant looks very much like our western peanuts, and also tastes the same as them. Its little nuts are the base for many interesting Ugandan recipes, today. You can have it just like that, as a nice snack. Or cook it so to obtain a special sauce. They accompany vegetables, soups, fried fish and smoked meat.  Peanuts of Uganda can be the bases for some stew, for breakfasts in the country, for a nice afternoon “cocktail break”. They are delicious and they are everywhere.

uganda food 01
Luwombo-photo Namuganyi

Ugandan recipes you shall not miss

In Uganda you will find the same recipes as swahili food but with different names: the Ugali here becomes Posho, Matoke here is Matouke, and there is Samosa as well (Samuse). The tradition of this cuisine is spread in most part of eastern Africa and Uganda has adepted it as well, but enriched it with new elements and new flavours which make it different.  But if you are tired of swahili and are looking for a unique Ugandan dish, do try the Luwombo stew. It is based on boiled chicken, maize and pumpkin leaves. It is one of the most famous local foods and can accompany the famous beef barbecue. Also try the Malewa, smoked bamboo sticks, or the delicious Simsim – a sesame seeds based sweet dessert. Another nice dessert to taste here is the banana pancake, Kabalagala.

Weird Uganda food … ready to taste?

Uganda is famous for its snacks, of course. But they are not just based on peanuts. There are plenty of particular and weird things local people eat as delicious “break food”. Are you hungry in the middle of the day? Maybe you need Nsenene, made with … locusts! Or if you need a snack in the afternoon, you might love to try ants based Nswaa.  If you are not brave enough for this food, go back to traditional flavours: roasted peanuts will surprise you; bread and egg … like granny used to do … here is a very appreciated snack. For people who need a very rich dish, during their African breaks, try the Ugandan Rolex: eggs, onion, cabbages, tomato and minced beef meat too.

Where to eat?

Of course Kampala is the best place to find most of the famous recipes of Uganda. You can also taste their famous “snacks” on the road, as you go on safari or visiting local villages, especially along the lakes’ shores.

Uganda food 02
Uganda food market