As other protected reserves of Burkina Faso, Kaboré Tambi National Park was established in the 1930s according to the French laws of the time. Then became a National Reserve and a National Park after the independence. In 1976 the park was opened with the name of  Pô National Park. It changed into Kaboré Tambi in 1991, in order to honor the memory of a local ranger who was killed by poachers. This park is very important for birdwatchers, in fact it is home to many species of birds, most of which are typical of West Africa. A safari at Kaboré Tambi National Park is mainly recommended for birding, so, but you can also try boat trips and explore the rivers’ banks in order to find typical local animals.

About Kaboré Tambi National Park

Kaboré Tambi National Park is mainly a savannah. The vegetation changes from north – Sudan grassland – to south, where you can admire a particular guinean savannah. Three main rivers cross the territory: Nazinon river, the former Red Volta; Nazinga river and Sissili. There are many other smaller ones, too, which make the park a beautiful place to visit.

Kaboré Tambi surface covers 155,500 hectares and is 115 km south to the capital of Burkina Faso. The territory is put under the supervision of the Ministery of the Environment and the NGO Naturama Africa. Safari and trips are organized mainly by Ougadougou‘s tour operators.

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photo by Marco Schmidt

What to see at Kaboré Tambi National Park

This park is famous for its wild vegetation, especially for the forests running along the rivers’ banks. Typical African animals live on the territory and you can easily admire beautiful elephants, antelopes, crocodiles. But Kabore Tambi is also home to jackals, reptiles and monkeys. The protagonists are birds, though. This is the perfect place for birdwatching in Burkina Faso.

Hundred species live among the bushy vegetation: turacos, piapiacs, bearded barbets, pied winged swallows, pendulines, sun larks ... . The most beautiful birds of the park are the Senegal parrots. Their many-coloured feathers and their smart eyes attract tourists, especially those who love birding around the world. Some birds also have their habitat in the rivers’ water, and it is interesting to see them fishing!

Tourist information about Kaboré Tambi

Kaboré Tambi is a very famous natural area. In the capital city Ougadougou many tour operators organize safaris to the park, so you can easily get there with their bus or private jeep cars. If you go on your own, follow the Ouagadougou-Bolgatanga Highway or ask for information about regional buses that reach the villages near the park.

At 11 km south of the western entrance to the park, you will see the tomb where ranger Kaboré Tambi lies buried. As you go enjoying the wildlife and the birdwatching, you shall pay a tribute to this local hero who died in order to defend what you are allowed to visit today. The tomb reminds us that the park is still the target of evil people who have no respect for nature.

(the photo of the parrot over the title: by Art G flickr )

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photo by Llrangaj