There will always be a good reason for taking a child to visit Africa. There are over 100, perhaps, but we can only list a few in order to let you organize your next trip at best. Africa is a magic place, it is stunning and charming for adults. Imagine your children’s eyes as they look at wild animals, incredible sunsets, unique nature. But after the dramatic Covid year 2020, parents may not feel in the mood of going on long journeys.  Much less will they decide to plan a journey to a far away, wild continent. If you are brave enough, though, this year can be the best to take your kids discovering Africa.

Less Covid impact in Africa

By december 2020, Africa only had 21 million Covid-positive people and 50.000 dead. Which is a very very low statistic compared to the numbers in Europe and America. Some say it depends on the lower number of tests, or on the inaccurate reports. But the truth is the hot climate, the high humidity and the life in the open never created the condition for the Covid virus to spread. So, in 2021 Africa is one of the safest places in the world, as for pandemics situation. Just try to avoid South Africa, Morocco and Egypt – where infection rates are very high – and plan your safari with your kids to central-eastern Africa. Go visit wild plains, forests, beaches where a very few people live. States as Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Uganda will probably open the doors to international tourism in spring.

Africa, a continent for children

Africa is a place for young people. In the good or bad meaning of the sentence. There are too many children, too many young people – often with no future at all. But it is a young continent, with much energy to change the conditions and become a great different reality. Your children will meet other kids their age . They will easily learn the local culture, games, tradition thanks to the relationship with other children. Life is simple, in Africa, and genuine too. So children and teen-agers will be thoroughly involved in local events. They will never be bored.

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explore unique landscapes

Social distancing will never be a problem

In 2021, Africa is the best choice for a vacation with the kids. Social distancing will never be a problem, there, because the spaces are wide open and very few people live around. Besides, because of Covid fear, this year many tourists will stay at home, or go on vacation to locations very close to their hometowns. Only rare brave people will face a trip to Africa. Your kids will be free to move, to run, to play with no fear for infections or human gatherings.

Africa for you only

Less tourism means more possibility to enjoy the African attractions with calm. No need of booking, no need of visiting shifts. You will be able to go with your family to admire wild animals in the National Parks, or to explore incredible landscapes. You will have the chance to stay on the tropical beaches with no one else around. Those “tourist villages” that used to be crowded will be there for you only.  Seize the moment on the fly!

Services for children

Africa is well organized to welcome young tourists and let them have a good time. Some places are better equipped than others, as far as kids vacations are concerned. Kenya is number one, for example. Its beaches, Malindi Marine Park, Tsavo Park – especially Tsavo West, are the best places for a trip with children. South Africa is also well organized for trips with children, but in 2021 it is still a Covid risk nation. You could replace it with a safari in Botswana. This nation is as modern as South Africa, it has a very “European mind” as far as vacations are concerned. And it is wild enough to give you and your kids a great African experience.

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