How much do you know about visa for Tanzania? Tanzania is one of the most important tourist places in Africa. The land of the most beautiful natural sanctuaries, national parks, wild forests, it is the state where safari trips will never be just a dream. Tourists love it because of its wonderful beaches, too. There are plenty of good reasons for planning a trip to Tanzania, but also many reason for being well informed about documents and visa.

Every nation has strict rules about entrances and arrivals, especially after the Covid pandemics. African states can be even stricter, sometimes. It is wise to always check about the tourist policy, especially in those nations that welcome crowds every year. First of all, make sure you call the embassy or consulate, then surf a little bit on the web and check about other travelers’ experiences. Compare it all with the information your tour operator/agency gives you at the same time.

What documents Tanzania asks for?

Tanzania will welcome all tourists from all over the world, but they must accept its policy about documents to show at their arrival. Of course you all need a identity document with picture, which can also be the passport itself. Then you will be asked to show other documents, which are also necessary in order to ask for a visa.

Your passport, first: it must be valid for 6 months minimum, at the date of your arrival in Tanzania. You must keep – and possibly show – your return flight ticket. Also show your hotel reservation. Make sure you have enough money for your stay during the holiday or you know someone in Tanzania who can help you, if you cannot afford it. You will certainly need photos and letters explaining the reason of your trip to the Country.

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What kind of visa?

In order to enter Tanzania you must have your visa before you leave your nation. Ask the embassy of Tanzania, though since 2019 the visa office only works online, which is much easier. In order to have a Tanzanian visa you must always have: valid passport, enough money for your stay, return flight ticket, 2 photographs, hotel reservation, your email. You may be asked for documents for a different destination, if you are only transiting. Copies of passport information page, flight confirmation are also required, plus a letter of invitation or a letter explaining the reason of your visit.

You can ask for Travel Visa – if you must stop in Tanzania for weeks/months. They are One Entry Visa (you shall stay up to 90 days); Double Entry Visa (you can enter twice in 6 months but never exceed 90 days stay each – with passport valid up to 9 months). The Multiple Visa can be used more than twice, during one year, but never exceed a 90 days stay each. Transit Visa is another kind of document. You shall ask for it only if you stay in Tanzania a few days before going somewhere else. This visa shall never exceed a 6 days stay.

About the e-visa

Modern visa for Tanzania must only be done online. Every single step we described above will be prepared and completed via internet. This allows you to “carry” your visa even in your mobile phone and easily find it if needed. In order to obtain a e-visa for Tanzania, check the appropriate web site (here)  : fill in the form, pay online and wait for the confirmation via email. Tourists may be asked to go to the embassy for a short interview, if needed.

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