A birding safari in Kenya is a great choice. Over 60% of African volatiles live in Kenya, or stop there for a short time during the year, or just pass by. If you go to Kenya you should book this trip because you will have the chance to admire so many different species. Flamingos, pelicans, eagles … just to name some. And they are as beautiful and interesting as the great African mammals. Kenya also offers great chances to get close to these birds, thanks to its many national parks. You could also go on a mixed safari trip, where you will admire both “the big 5” and the most beautiful birds ever.

Birding safari looking for flamingos

The beautiful flamingo birds, especially pink flamingos, have their perfect habitat in Kenya. The best places where tourists can admire them are: lake Bogoria and lake Nakuru.

Lake Bogoria in the Kenyan Rift Valley is not a well known place, but tourists are slowly discovering its beauty, especially if they love birding. This is one of the lakes where pink flamingos come to breed their chicks and they stay for weeks.

Lake Nakuru is one of the sanctuaries for pink flamingos that can be over one million, there, in certain months of the year. Lake Nakuru though is a place where you can spot many other volatile species, among the 1054 living in Kenya.

pelican in Kenya

More to see on birding safari in Kenya

At Lake Nakuru natural reserve, besides flamingos, you will easily see pelicans, cormorants, fish-eating birds such as stilts, avocets, ducks. On Kenyan lakes, but also along the rivers and on sea shores birding safaris will show you typical marine birds such as oystercatchers, mangrove kingfishers, gray herons. In the coastal Arabuko-Sokoke forest you might spot the rare and beautiful Sokoke scops owl.

The whole territory of Kenya is home to a small, lovely bird called straw-tailed widow. Some birds are endemic, you can only see them in this nation: Jackson’s Fracolins, Williams Larks, Clark’s Weavers, for example. In the famous Tsavo East reserves, especially on the Taita Hills, birdwatchers will admire Taita Apalis, White Eyes, Taita Thrush which are other endemic species.

Do not miss a birding safari at Masai Maara National Park. You will find out this is not only the land of lions, cheetahs, elephants and giraffes but also hosts incredible birds. You can spot marabous, ostriches, storks, ten different kinds of heron. Over the mountains of the same territory do fly eagles (Long Crested, African Hawk-Eagle, Martial, Booted Eagle…), vultures and hawks.

What to wear, what to bring

The best birdwatching in Kenya is possible during the dry season. But in some parts of the Country you might have short rain periods, during this season as well. So you better go well equipped in order to face any kind of weather. Wear light fabric clothes, long trousers and long boots, but do not forget waterproof jackers and hats. Consider bringing wook clothes, if you go on highlands or mountains, and winter jackets too. Waterproof bags are recommended for your cameras and binoculars. The best birding points in Kenya are usually along lakes, ocean and rivers.

Best period for birding safari in Kenya

October to April is the best time of the year to go birdwatching in Kenya. This is a basically dry season with a very few rains. In those months, birds arrive from Europe and Asia, in order to spend winter in warmer regions. So you will have the chance to admire both endemic birds and migrants. Vultures and eagles are easily spotted in July and August, especially at Maasai Mara, because they follow the great mammals migrations.
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